Definition of weigh out in English:

weigh out

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phrasal verb

  • 1weigh something out, weigh out somethingMeasure and take a portion of a particular weight from a larger quantity of a substance.

    ‘she weighed out two ounces of loose tobacco’
    • ‘Flour, sugar, rice and other dry goods and plain biscuits were weighed out into brown paper bags.’
  • 2(of a jockey) be weighed before a race.

    ‘he weighed out at 106 pounds and rode a perfectly judged race’
    • ‘Jockeys weigh out with the clerk of scales in order to earn their mount fees.’
    • ‘Jockeys started to weigh out in kilograms instead of stones and pounds.’
    • ‘If the new rules are passed, a jockey will be paid only when he is officially weighed out, and he will not be paid if he elects not to ride.’
    • ‘Amazingly, Carberry nearly missed the ride after weighing out with only a minute and a half to spare.’
    • ‘They must not weigh in at more than a pound less than they weighed out.’
    • ‘The original concept is to have your clients weigh in the week before Thanksgiving and then weigh out during the first week of January.’