Definition of weigh someone/something up in English:

weigh someone/something up

phrasal verb

  • Carefully assess someone or something.

    ‘investors weighed up their next move’
    • ‘United Future has weighed this issue up carefully.’
    • ‘When they assess you and weigh you up, all that type of stuff, just remember, it's very inaccurate.’
    • ‘We are constantly urged to weigh things up, to ponder, to reflect.’
    • ‘Every activity can be weighed up and deliberated over according to the level of risk that it carries, and what could be gained by doing it.’
    • ‘Let's look at the benefits, and let's look at the costs and let's weigh them up.’
    • ‘I'm still very much weighing things up at the moment, but I think I might vote Lib Dem again because they opposed the war.’
    • ‘I weighed these options up in my mind.’
    • ‘Last week Mr Justice Headley had to tackle these difficult questions and to weigh them up alongside testimony that was often contrary.’
    • ‘There were pros and cons and I reckoned I'd need a day or two to weigh them up and make a decision.’
    • ‘I didn't stop to weigh things up, but phoned for an ambulance and described the scene.’
    • ‘For twenty minutes Tom stood there weighing things up in his mind.’
    • ‘Arthur weighs everything up very carefully before offering a considered opinion.’