Definition of weigh someone down in English:

weigh someone down

phrasal verb

  • 1Be heavy and cumbersome to someone.

    ‘my waders and fishing gear weighed me down’
    • ‘My arms felt like heavy clubs, weighing me down.’
    • ‘Despite the heavy clothing that was weighing me down, I felt light, as though a stone had been lifted off my heart.’
    • ‘My clothes and pack had already become heavy and were weighing me down.’
    • ‘Their many layers of clothing and heavy sleds weighed them down as they attempted to scale the hill.’
    • ‘I think that my guards could see that those heavier ones just weighed me down.’
    • ‘The warrior had had a head start, but Norwood wasn't weighed down by any heavy, clanking armour.’
    • ‘‘I am a pretty fast runner but he was very nifty and I was weighed down by my work overalls and heavy boots,’ he said.’
    • ‘He raised his arms, feeling like they were weighed down and filled with tons of lead.’
    • ‘The silence was so heavy I could feel it weighing me down.’
    • ‘It was made out of heavy material, like an anchor weighing him down.’
    • ‘It wasn't easy, for her clothing and ice-skates became very heavy when wet and they weighed her down.’
    • ‘Just place a clean, heavy skillet on top of your sandwiches to press and weigh them down as they grill.’
    • ‘I unfolded my maps, and to keep them from being blown away in the wind, I weighed them down with ski poles and stuff bags of gear.’
    • ‘The water was deep - neck high on me - and I was weighed down with all this extra gear.’
    • ‘Sand filled her boots and her hair, weighing her down.’
    • ‘Ships fill their empty oil tanks with water to weigh them down and maintain balance at sea, then dump the water before arriving at port to fill up with petroleum.’
    • ‘He tried to whistle to her, but his clothes were beginning to weigh him down, and his mouth filled with water.’
    • ‘She felt heavy, like her body was weighed down with rocks.’
    burden, weight, saddle, charge
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    1. 1.1Be oppressive or burdensome to someone.
      ‘she was weighed down by the responsibility of looking after her sisters’
      • ‘I just remained out of his sight, with the burden of worry weighing me down.’
      • ‘Looking at Dorrie alone in her sitting-room, you wonder how someone so slender and gentle has carried the burdens life has weighed her down with.’
      • ‘For a while, the long, continuous burdens of your life weigh you down so much you can't see a future.’
      • ‘The citizens of the devolved parts of the U.K. have not been weighed down with an impossible burden of taxation.’
      • ‘Obviously whatever decision she's reached has helped relieve the burden that's been weighing her down.’
      • ‘I felt as if a huge burden weighing me down had suddenly loosened.’
      • ‘It was obvious that something was bothering her, weighing her down, and it was impossible for Amy's nature to ignore.’
      • ‘Liv tilted her head to the side as if the weight of thinking about all that she was obsessed with was weighing her down.’
      • ‘She looked into his face, and guilt and self-reproach dissolved, along with the memory of another face, other eyes, ones that haunted and weighed her down with unresolvable pain.’
      • ‘I don't want to weigh him down with personal worries that probably won't amount to much anyways.’
      • ‘My family added burdens and problems to my shoulders, and weighed me down with their dysfunction - but there was something about leaving them that seemed not entirely right.’
      • ‘Janine, I didn't come here to weigh you down, I never wanted to be a burden.’
      • ‘Whatever you do, try your best to keep a big perspective. Don't let the worries and concerns of the day dominate your thoughts or weigh you down.’
      • ‘Questions must be asked whether the poverty that now weighs us down can always be blamed on other people.’
      • ‘I miss her so much and the guilt of failure weighs me down like lead boots.’
      • ‘The unhappiness he is carrying weighs him down entirely.’
      • ‘We were starting our careers; we had student loans weighing us down.’
      • ‘We could rent here, probably for the cost of what a mortgage would be but without the property taxes and utilities weighing us down.’
      • ‘Every day offers a blank slate, free of the stresses and frustrations that have been weighing us down.’
      • ‘we laughed a little, but there was something heavy weighing us down.’
      oppress, depress, lie heavy on, weigh on, press down on, burden, be a burden on, be a burden to, cast down, hang over, gnaw at, prey on, prey on someone's mind
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