Definition of weigh station in English:

weigh station


  • A roadside station where commercial vehicles are required to stop and be inspected, thus protecting the road from travel by overweight or unsafe vehicles.

    ‘His delivery truck stopped at a state weigh station.’
    • ‘Only a fool, weight enforcement officers say, knowingly drives an overweight truck into a weigh station.’
    • ‘As of this writing, I am currently living with my parents in Chicago, Illinois, after just moving back from California (no laughing, it's only a weigh station for the next month or so).’
    • ‘Unless you're dumping recyclables (which are free), you have to go through the weigh station as you go in and as you leave.’
    • ‘Witnesses say that they saw it pass by a weigh station at high speed.’
    • ‘It will be loaded onto a flatbed truck and weighed at the weigh station off of Elwood Drive.’
    • ‘If a truck came in and there was no-one at the weigh station, Hugh would go out and do it.’
    • ‘We should force everybody - not just semi trucks - to stop at weigh stations.’
    • ‘Truck weigh stations, which service almost 21,000 vehicles daily, were also upgraded.’
    • ‘We had heard accounts of hitchhikers being taken from trucks at weigh stations and just placed on the first Greyhound bus heading in any direction.’