Definition of welfare reform in English:

welfare reform


  • A movement to change the federal government's social welfare policy by shifting some of the responsibility to the states and cutting benefits.

    • ‘Next, an article examines the difficulties women have finding jobs when welfare reform ends their benefits.’
    • ‘In addition, due to the progress of social welfare reform, more elderly people now enjoy endowment insurance.’
    • ‘A very big part of his decision was due to our leader making his speech on social welfare reform in January this year.’
    • ‘In this respect, policy makers can learn something from child welfare reform.’
    • ‘It was included as an economic initiative in the Clinton administration's federal welfare reform law.’
    • ‘Labor was to be an unashamedly pro-free market party with a reformist social welfare reform agenda.’
    • ‘The Federal Government's language when it comes to welfare reform is worrying.’
    • ‘These organizations threaten to maintain the poor in a dependency that runs counter to the new spirit of welfare reform.’
    • ‘It wasn't even welfare reform, because that was popular with minorities.’
    • ‘The city's backtracking on welfare reform is disastrous not only for New York, but for the country as a whole.’
    • ‘He traded off welfare reform for minimum wage increases, and he wanted something on which he could campaign.’
    • ‘Ronald Reagan and George Bush talked about balanced budgets, welfare reform.’
    • ‘And I think what we have done with that kind of new leadership is we have been able to have welfare reform.’
    • ‘Second, welfare reform doesn't provide adequate supports for working mothers.’
    • ‘The prime minister pushed for gun control, welfare reform and clamped down on illegal immigration.’
    • ‘He did not want to be known as the governor who undid welfare reform.’
    • ‘We helped pass a balanced budget, welfare reform, and tax cuts for middle-class families.’
    • ‘It's worth asking why he is part of a rear-guard action blocking the permanency of welfare reform.’
    • ‘Wisconsin is the pioneer of school choice and welfare reform, he tells us.’
    • ‘Indeed, some enthusiastic supporters of welfare reform admit those difficulties.’