Definition of well, I declare in English:

well, I declare


  • An exclamation of incredulity, surprise, or vexation.

    ‘“Well, I do declare! It's Annabelle!”’
    • ‘Biche is more ‘me and my friends’ fluff, the everyday adventures of a British journalist in Paris written by - well, I declare - a British journalist in Paris.’
    • ‘‘Well, I do declare, it's my job to see if any of these poor folks need any old thing,’ Brown said.’
    • ‘George, I do declare that you have started to blush!’
    • ‘Why, Mister Zee, I do declare: that's two questions, you naughty, naughty - oh, enough with the Scarlett O'Hara-isms already.’
    • ‘She gave me a funny look… I do declare, dear readers, that she thought it was me!’
    • ‘Well, I do declare, that woman spoils you all rotten!’
    • ‘Why Ms. Faun, I do declare that sounds like a half baked attempt at seducing me.’