Definition of well connected in English:

well connected


  • Acquainted with or related to people with prestige or influence.

    ‘the author is so well connected that he gets reviews everywhere’
    • ‘In many cases involving powerful and well-connected suspects, there is perceived interference in the police investigation.’
    • ‘It was not mainly the rich, powerful, or well-connected of Europe who came, but those of a more modest station.’
    • ‘He remains a powerful and immensely well-connected figure at the centre of the Scottish business world.’
    • ‘A well-connected mentor is also important for a rising executive.’
    • ‘Money often goes to favored or well-connected groups, and controversial but promising research may be ignored.’
    • ‘Ferraris inspired a sort of hushed awe and their owners automatically became members of an elite club that only the very wealthy and well-connected could ever hope to enter.’
    • ‘For what it is worth, one well-connected consultant who spoke to me five years ago suggested that 1995 was perhaps the peak date for payments to authors.’
    • ‘Any ambitious, knowledgeable, diplomatic, well-connected woman could presumably do it.’
    powerful, influential, of influence, well connected, high-ranking, high-level, top-level, controlling, dominant, formidable


well connected

/wel kəˈnektəd/ /wɛl kəˈnɛktəd/