Definition of well enough in English:

well enough


  • To a reasonable degree.

    ‘he liked Isobel well enough, but wouldn't want to make a close friend of her’
    • ‘He was fit enough and well enough to put up a very good performance, but Barry felt he just ran flat from the home turn.’
    • ‘Sure enough they started well enough and at half-time looked likely for the win.’
    • ‘He did well enough at school to get into a good university and he studied hard and graduated with flying colours.’
    • ‘Sorry, this list started off well enough, but just got sort of out of control.’
    • ‘Whatever it is you pursue, try to do it just well enough to remain in the middle third of the field.’
    • ‘He also seems to think I should understand this well enough to provide some kind of commentary.’
    • ‘While everyone performs well enough, it is only in the closing arias that the opera comes alive.’
    • ‘I can sing well enough, especially when there's someone around to make the music for me.’
    • ‘Malton began well enough but having gained a three-point lead then let the game slip away.’
    • ‘Her previous two albums did well enough but failed to really penetrate into the mainstream.’