Definition of well kept in English:

well kept


  • 1(especially of property) kept clean, tidy, and in good condition.

    ‘Their balcony, though small, used to be neat and tidy with well-kept hanging baskets.’
    • ‘Lunch at a table under a tree in an immaculately clean, open and well-kept area near the car park was welcome for hungry tummies after the exercise.’
    • ‘The carriage had cost £500, bought 30 years ago from a wheeler-dealing butcher in Yeadon, money well spent too, judging by its well-kept condition.’
    • ‘It's a tidy, well-kept neighbourhood of historic homes and the location of the Second City Comedy Club, a place that has spawned so many comedic talents.’
    • ‘You should always present a clean, well-kept appearance as it makes a difference to being viewed as a professional.’
    • ‘I cycled through forests, rolling hills, grazing pastures and past a few extremely well-kept country properties.’
    • ‘The process of turning Charles's tidy paths and well-kept lawns into an - appalling - quagmire had begun.’
    • ‘I was stunned by the opulence of Grand Central Station - I never imagined a public building could be so well-kept and clean.’
    • ‘A well-kept, tidy and attractive front garden is a good selling point, adding value to your property.’
    • ‘Besides the clean, well-kept grounds and the many wall murals depicting the turtles, I was impressed with the effort taken by the staff to educate visitors about the plight of these animals.’
    • ‘The model shelter offers well-kept spacious living conditions with an abundance of toys, playful volunteers and social interaction among the animals.’
    • ‘Everything looked quaint and tidy and well-kept.’
    • ‘It was very clean and well-kept, and fashionably furnished.’
    • ‘He shows Arthur around his house, which is clean and well-kept.’
    • ‘Though it was small, it was clean and well-kept, and the tables were of good quality along with the chairs.’
    neat, tidy, neat and tidy, as neat as a new pin, orderly, in order, in good order, well kept, well looked-after, well maintained, shipshape, shipshape and Bristol fashion, in apple-pie order, immaculate, spick and span, uncluttered, straight, spruce
    1. 1.1(of a secret) not told to anyone or made widely known.
      ‘Hidden deep in the North York Moors is a well-kept secret - The Orange Tree, the perfect remedy for the stresses and strains of modern life.’
      • ‘At present, he feels that ‘Ukraine is an emerging attraction to filmmakers’, whereas Bulgaria has remained a relatively well-kept secret.’
      • ‘One of backcountry skiing's well-kept secrets is that skiers get caught in avalanches with fair regularity, though they are often small and rarely fatal.’
      • ‘What I do think is that - I suppose it's not a very well-kept secret.’
      • ‘What a surprise. Keighley has proved to be the well-kept secret of Airedale - out of the hectic city life of Leeds and Bradford, yet easily accessible to both.’
      • ‘On the rails, rather than the road, there was an unmistakable sense of exploring uncharted territory, being part of a well-kept secret and much closer to the natural world.’
      • ‘The less said about this the better, and it shall remain a well-kept secret amongst us ‘dancers.’’
      • ‘He died in 1945 and the well-kept secret came to light only 50 years after the king's death when the doctor's private diary was opened.’
      • ‘Housed in the Studio Cormier, its location is an unintentionally well-kept secret.’
      • ‘For those who like to measure their speed in knots, the waterways north of Angers have been a well-kept secret for far too long.’
      • ‘The Winster Valley is one of South Lakeland's well-kept secrets, dearly loved by those who know it.’
      • ‘It's a well-kept secret and has a perfectly balanced tannic structure with dark, delicious fruit.’
      • ‘Until now the stunning Greek island of Kefalonia has remained something of a well-kept secret.’
      • ‘It is a well-kept secret which is good as it will keep riff-raff like you away.’
      • ‘The Spotted Ox must be a well-kept secret by those in the know, we only found out about it by chance.’
      • ‘Her family and friends had arranged a welcome gathering in The Travellers Friend Hotel, Castlebar, for the occasion and the well kept secret only revealed itself when she entered the hotel.’


well kept

/wel kept/ /wɛl kɛpt/