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well known

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  • Known widely or thoroughly.

    ‘a well-known television personality’
    • ‘It's a live performance of many of her most well-known tracks, recorded in a cathedral in Paris.’
    • ‘Seven well-known films of various genres from different eras will once again be shown on the big screen.’
    • ‘The benefits of being a student at a well-known music college can be huge.’
    • ‘He edits a well-known Bombay paper that we all pretend to despise, but that we all read.’
    • ‘The group has been expanding, becoming well known both here and in the States.’
    • ‘She was in a car with a male friend and his new girlfriend, a moderately well-known feminist theorist.’
    • ‘He is a well-known footballer in his native Cloonacool and a very popular young man.’
    • ‘This year it is our 20th anniversary and we happen to have chosen a well-known guest artist.’
    • ‘Hiring from a well-known and reputable company will help minimise the risks.’
    • ‘Another member of the family was well known locally for her artistic skills.’
    • ‘He has also worked at well-known venues including the Royal Albert Hall and Wigmore Hall.’
    • ‘The problems caused by cars on the congested roads of Britain are well known.’
    • ‘Wine lovers tend to judge the quality of a wine region by the reputation of its well-known wines.’
    • ‘There was a lot of guessing as to who Santa was but we can say he is a well-known local entertainer.’
    • ‘He was Brightlingsea born and bred and was well known and well liked in the town.’
    • ‘Melanie is the director of a well-known SoHo art gallery.’
    • ‘The fact that a well-known person lived in your home will not necessarily sell it.’
    familiar, widely known, popular, common, usual, everyday, customary, conventional, established
    famous, noted, notable, famed, prominent, renowned
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well known

/wel nōn/ /wɛl noʊn/ /welˈnəo͝on/ /welˈnəʊn/