Definition of well liked in English:

well liked


  • Regarded with much affection; popular with many people.

    ‘he is fair-minded and well liked by his colleagues’
    • ‘a well-liked city landmark’
    • ‘A popular and well-liked woman, Maureen was joined by a large group of family and friends for the special occasion.’
    • ‘A very popular and well liked chap, he was always full of the joys of living, and had a word for everybody.’
    • ‘He was very well-liked by all his colleagues and was a favourite with visitors.’
    • ‘By all accounts, they are well-liked by the crews they work with, and behave decently when stopped for a word or an autograph by fans.’
    • ‘They may discover that they are not well-liked and find it very hard to fit in.’


well liked

/ˌwelˈlīkd/ /ˌwɛlˈlaɪkd/