Definition of well spoken in English:

well spoken

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  • (of a person) speaking in an educated and refined manner.

    ‘a young, well-spoken Englishwoman’
    • ‘He was well-spoken when talking about a subject that appealed to him, but when answering questions he was short, vague and trivial.’
    • ‘He seemed like a intellectual, well-spoken man.’
    • ‘He is an extremely impressive and well-spoken witness.’
    • ‘It wasn't just that he was good-looking and sweet, but he was so well-spoken.’
    • ‘A responsibly and well-written book is a gem, as is a responsible and well-spoken teacher.’
    • ‘These are all intelligent, well-spoken people with worthwhile things to say.’
    • ‘The well-spoken artist gives a great explanation about the genesis of house music.’
    • ‘He is well-spoken and has a glowing track record, so his words carry an impact in the locker room.’
    • ‘I approach the deputy manager, a prim and very well-spoken lady called Karen.’
    • ‘The woman, who was said to be smartly dressed, polite and well-spoken, told people she was collecting sponsorship for a marathon in York.’
    articulate, nicely spoken, speaking correctly, with a nice accent, with a standard accent
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well spoken

/wel ˈspōkən/ /wɛl ˈspoʊkən/