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well worn

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  • 1Showing the signs of extensive use or wear.

    ‘a well-worn leather armchair’
    • ‘Two mugs of steaming hot chocolate sat on the mahogany table that was placed between two well-worn leather arm chairs.’
    • ‘He wore a gold sleeper in his left ear, a well-worn, waist-length brown leather jacket, dark blue jeans, a black belt and a gold bracelet.’
    • ‘A young lady with tan skin and black hair stepped out, wearing a dirty uniform of some kind and well-worn leather boots.’
    • ‘She was wearing a well-worn pair of jeans and a old white T-shirt.’
    • ‘Signs posted along the well-worn pathways between stages told a story as clear as any folk artist's lyrics.’
    • ‘Some use the same glove for years, developing a close bond with the well-worn leather.’
    • ‘She muttered to me, shifting against my well-worn leather seating.’
    • ‘I grabbed my stuff, quickly cramming it into my well-worn and battered backpack, turning around to Rachael.’
    • ‘He smoked Gitanes, as evidenced by his nicotine-stained moustache, and carried his well-worn gear in a tattered hemp sack.’
    • ‘The crowd was predominantly middle-aged, many of them clutching well-worn copies of the film fest programme.’
    • ‘She was quite surprised to see me in my well-worn grass hat.’
    • ‘Most are following well-worn paths, heading for communities where they know they will be offered temporary accommodation or work.’
    • ‘Old, but not self consciously so, the Horseshoe Bar has a well-worn wooden counter for planking those weary elbows.’
    shabby, scruffy, battered, worn, old, thin, threadbare, worn out, holey, moth-eaten, mangy, ragged, frayed, tattered, falling apart at the seams, in shreds, in tatters, falling to pieces, decrepit, having seen better days
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    1. 1.1(of a phrase, idea, or joke) used or repeated so often that it no longer has interest or significance.
      ‘a well-worn theme’
      • ‘To repeat what is now a well-worn phrase, it does in fact take a village to raise a child.’
      • ‘Though it won't come easily, well-worn ideas and paradigms will have to be replaced.’
      • ‘Now, over 60 years later, that well-worn phrase ‘the good auld days’ is brought to life.’
      • ‘She often used this well-worn joke to indicate that she was going into the kitchen to put on the kettle.’
      • ‘It's a well-worn cliché that east meets west in Istanbul.’
      • ‘And like most other well-worn stock market phrases, it's a bad one.’
      • ‘The internal street is a well-worn architectural idea, but here it truly works as a place of social encounter and display.’
      • ‘You'll see this well-worn investment phrase all the time on our discussion boards.’
      • ‘These are well-worn themes to be sure, but few have the depth of knowledge or the keen language skills of these men.’
      • ‘A well-worn metaphor is that of providing the fish or teaching someone to fish.’
      • ‘But last time we had this now well-worn discussion, my friend suggested that I should pick another team.’
      • ‘If anyone can add a little grit to the well-worn formula, you might reasonably expect she could.’
      stale, hackneyed, clichéd, stock, trite, banal, worn out, time-worn, threadbare, hoary, tired, overused, obsolete, antiquated, old
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well worn

/wel wôrn/ /wɛl wɔrn/