Definition of well wrought in English:

well wrought


  • Skillfully constructed or put together.

    ‘a well-wrought argument’
    • ‘Even in English, the narrative captures the fluid intricacies, the well-wrought turns of phrase that distinguish Hindi, whether within the courtly idiom of the haveli families or the more colloquial bazaar exchanges of 1920s Dilli.’
    • ‘And the stories themselves, running the gamut from visionary science fiction to well-wrought tales that end in Joycean anticlimax, do not offer up a clear sense of before and after.’
    • ‘It is a quality to be found throughout this, her exquisitely well-wrought first volume, Flight Animals.’
    • ‘The slow accretion of 500 well-wrought words a day seems pointless beside the dizzying and breathless plot lines served up by the evening news.’
    • ‘Still, this book works as memoir or travel writing - a well-wrought, breezy essay on that problematic island in the Caribbean.’
    • ‘Several plot strands, involving a portrait and a racehorse, link many of the stories, but each chapter is also as complete and satisfying in itself as a well-wrought short story.’
    • ‘The rest of the cast are as convincing as Monika Nisbet's superb set, whether they be speaking or singing one of Marra's well-wrought songs.’
    • ‘Kenneth Gergen notes that ‘so powerful are the media in their well-wrought portrayals that their realities become more compelling than those furnished by common experience’.’
    • ‘These tales are well-wrought tributes to Filipino oral tradition and traditional culture.’
    • ‘It's a thoughtful, well-wrought little film anchored by an amazing lead performance.’
    • ‘Few opera librettos have such well-wrought verse as Quinault's, and few have been so little ravaged by the composers.’


well wrought

/wel rôt/ /wɛl rɔt/