Definition of wellhead in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwelˌhed/ /ˈwɛlˌhɛd/

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  • 1The place where a spring comes out of the ground.

    ‘You should test for bacteria if your well head becomes flooded or submerged.’
    • ‘Water towers, well heads, manholes and fire hydrants are not typically secure, and are considered the most vulnerable points of a water system.’
    • ‘There are leaks coming in, leaks in the bathrooms, leaks under the kitchen… the well head leaks, too.’
    well head
  • 2The structure over a well, typically an oil or gas well.

    ‘Well pads are spaced 80 acres apart on the open, rough prairie; the well heads are housed in garden shed-size hutches.’
    • ‘There is a reservoir which is at pressure, and there is a vertical pipe that comes from the reservoir to the well head, which is quite long.’
    • ‘It smacks of desperation because, as analyst Michael C. Ruppert notes, ‘As water is forced under pressure into the reservoir, the oil is forced upwards toward the well heads and extraction is thereby increased.’’
    • ‘Karl maneuvered his vehicle around next to the well head, the truck's ninety-decibel backup signal announcing his presence.’
    • ‘I find it amazing that people are talking about the price of gas at the well head going up from $2.15 to $6.’
    • ‘At the Saudi oil giant ARAMCO's high tech hub, engineers monitor oil flow from well head to tanker loading.’
    • ‘The people who buy this car don't worry about the price of petrol at the pumps, they probably own some of the barrels at the well head.’
    • ‘The destruction of more than 700 well heads turned oil fields into an environmental disaster, a desert inferno that took seven months to extinguish.’
    • ‘The devastating sandstorms - fierce enough to keep a fire team from tackling oil well fires on Wednesday - actually extinguished fires burning at three well heads in the oilfield.’