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  • 1A weight in boxing and other sports intermediate between lightweight and middleweight. In the amateur boxing scale it ranges from 140 to 147 pounds (63.5–67 kg).

    ‘The merciless street-fighter known as the ‘fists of stone’ went on to win world titles at lightweight, welterweight and light middleweight.’
    • ‘Henry Armstrong held world titles at featherweight, lightweight and welterweight simultaneously and won 150 fights.’
    • ‘At the 2003 Pan American Games, the USA qualified a spot in three divisions: featherweight, welterweight and super heavyweight.’
    • ‘Hearns put many outstanding fighters to sleep for the count of 10 with one right hand from welterweight up to super middleweight.’
    • ‘Hearns is an all-time great anywhere from welterweight thru middleweight!’
    • ‘For four years there were no title fights for the welterweight, middleweight, light heavyweight or heavyweight crowns.’
    • ‘He has won titles at welterweight and middleweight.’
    • ‘I'll clean up everything at light welter then I'll move up to welterweight and clean up there as well.’
    • ‘A very knowledgeable student fills her in with the exact difference between the different weights in boxing including welterweight, which she hadn't asked for.’
    • ‘He went on to win the light welter weight title the following year and five more at welterweight.’
    • ‘The 23-year-old will make his debut at welterweight on a dinner show in Middlesbrough on September 23.’
    1. 1.1A welterweight boxer or other competitor.
      ‘Barnes added: ‘We're two of the best welterweights in the country going head to head so there is a lot of anticipation.’’
      • ‘Margarito is one of the fiercest welterweights to come along in years.’
      • ‘During World War II, he competed as a welterweight for the Air Force, boxing in Australia and New Guinea.’
      • ‘He was a legitimate welterweight who knocked out light heavyweights during his career.’
      • ‘I was also happy for Bouie Fischer, a man who had been in the fight game since Sugar Ray Robinson was a welterweight, and who was finally getting his due.’
      • ‘I thought great, I can finally see how great Sugar Ray Robinson was as a welterweight, or how great Benny Leonard was.’
      • ‘In his next fight, Taylor dropped back down to welterweight, where he was matched against a giant welterweight in Crisanto Espana.’
      • ‘Although Gavilan was a brilliant welterweight, he found the extra strength of the Hawaiian too tough a hurdle.’
      • ‘He was a welterweight then, and is now only a light-middleweight, so that shows how well he has managed his weight.’
      • ‘In boxing, Al Melo participated as a welterweight in the Olympics in 1924.’
      • ‘He fought on until 2000, finishing up as a cruiserweight world champion, having won his first belt as a welterweight in 1980.’
      • ‘Young had come into the ring weighing much more than his usual light-welterweight limit of ten stone, as Jones is a full welterweight, and more.’
      • ‘Well-balanced, he's also built like a welterweight and not easily pushed around.’
      • ‘He began boxing when he was 11 years old and later turned professional, fighting for 17 years as a welterweight.’
      • ‘They may have fought six times, but the only competitive bout was the first, when Robinson was still a welterweight and La Motta was a fully-fledged middleweight.’



/ˈweltərˌwāt/ /ˈwɛltərˌweɪt/


Early 19th century welter of unknown origin.