Definition of Wessi in English:



  • A citizen of West Germany.

    Compare with Ossi

    • ‘It actually makes me angry to hear Wessis making jokes about the Ossis or criticizing them for whatever reason.’
    • ‘Ossis and Wessis, as East and West Germans are called, get along just fine in Berlin these days, he insisted.’
    • ‘‘When I realized Ossis and Wessis were growing further apart, I had to illustrate that,’ she said.’
    • ‘The dingiest place we saw in Berlin was on the Wessi side, changing from S - to U-bahn at Yorckstrasse.’
    • ‘As an illustration, he describes how some got their elderly Wessi relatives to smuggle forbidden commodities across the border and then later used those goods as needed.’
    • ‘There are still clashes between Wessis and Ossis.’
    • ‘Now, however, they have sprung back to life, owned perhaps by Wessis but mostly staffed by the Ossis they aim to please.’



/ˈwesē/ /ˈwɛsi/ /ˈvesē/ /ˈvɛsi/


Probably from German Westdeutsche ‘West German’.