Definition of West Highland terrier in English:

West Highland terrier


(also West Highland white terrier)
  • A dog of a small, short-legged breed of terrier with a white coat and erect ears and tail, developed in the West Highlands.

    ‘Apart from my dog - a white West Highland terrier named Thaïs - I am alone and I don't care because I am really a shy person.’
    • ‘The dogs included King Charles spaniels, West Highland terriers and Shih-tzus, all popular domestic pets.’
    • ‘I'm told I'll have to work with a live dog, a West Highland terrier.’
    • ‘He said: ‘One lady who phoned me was terrified of letting her West Highland terriers out in the yard in case the eagle flew away with them.’’
    • ‘When you announce your arrival, having passed through the iron gate and dodged the plants in the front garden, a ferocious display of barking starts up, courtesy of Mungo, the West Highland terrier.’
    • ‘A man suspected of drunk driving in the German city of Koblenz failed his sobriety test, but his West Highland terrier passed with flying colors.’
    • ‘Eleven year old West Highland terrier Buttons knows what's good for him, and makes sure his teeth get brushed every day.’
    • ‘Adam Baker and his West Highland terrier Jack both have health problems.’
    • ‘The pensioner was returning from walking her 11-year-old West Highland terrier when the Rottweiler attacked.’
    • ‘The owner said the incident had left her pet five-year-old West Highland terrier, with psychological scars.’


West Highland terrier

/west ˈhīlənd ˈterēər/ /wɛst ˈhaɪlənd ˈtɛriər/