Definition of wet behind the ears in English:

wet behind the ears


  • Lacking experience; immature.

    • ‘Nowadays, 32 seems a bit wet behind the ears to me, but from memory it is about the age that you start to feel like the oldest swinger in town when you step inside a nightclub.’
    • ‘Tell me son have you ever cut turf before, following up with, it's just that you look a bit wet behind the ears for this job.’
    • ‘A bit wet behind the ears, and failed to recreate from a place in the starting line-up what he achieved coming off the bench against Tunisia.’
    • ‘At last I was a specialist in health psychology, but still a bit wet behind the ears professionally.’
    • ‘The new breed of politicians should no longer be wet behind the ears and need to start acting like experienced rulers.’
    • ‘I went out as a sort of wet behind the ears completely ignorant 21 year old and spent 18 months in Madagascar.’
    • ‘When I moved to from the East Coast to California in 1997, I was wet behind the ears, right out of college, and I knew I was kinky.’
    • ‘That's not to say that the Green movement is admitting to being wet behind the ears.’
    • ‘It seems a funny thing to ask, but they are clearly a little wet behind the ears.’
    • ‘The peak and valleys paint a visual picture of the sound the newborn universe made when it was still wet behind the ears, a mere 300,000 years after its birth in a big bang.’