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wet fly

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  • An artificial fishing fly designed to sink below the surface of the water.

    ‘Nymph or wet fly fishing is more three-dimensional; dry fly is 2 - D.’
    • ‘To be a successful all-round grayling angler you need a selection of dry flies, nymphs and wet flies.’
    • ‘Boat anglers similar methods and also wet flies, wickhams, soldier palmer, silver invicta on floating/intermediate sinking lines, try orange, black, gold and silver lures.’
    • ‘The trout were taken to the dapped mayfly and to wet flies.’
    • ‘For those who are boat fishing, a variety of tactics are successful from nymphs and wet flies on floaters to tube flies on fast sinkers, depending on the depth the fish are feeding.’
    • ‘Fishing a team of wet flies is a style of angling that has been practised on northern rivers for many years.’
    • ‘One of the best wet fly or nymph pattern I have used for the Arctic grayling is the Teal blue and silver, a well known sea trout fly, I cannot understand why this should be.’
    • ‘A team of 2, 3 or 4 wet flies dragged through a wave on a cloudy day usually gets a response from the trout feeding near the surface.’
    • ‘Traditional wet flies in sizes 12 and 14 are often all you need, though if you can get hold of Matt's specials, they could give you the edge.’
    • ‘I am using a size 10 Kamasan B175-a hook that gives a lovely profile for nymphs, wet flies and small lures.’
    • ‘The five basic classifications of fly are given a chapter each: dry flies; nymphs and bugs; wet flies; streamers; and hairwings.’
    • ‘Tourmakeady Anglers held a wet fly competition on Sunday, the 8th of May for the ‘Deceased Members Cup’.’
    • ‘Most of the fish caught came to the dry mayfly patterns with little or no success to the wet fly.’
    • ‘Two wet fly competitions were fished out from Greenfields and the results speak for themselves. 72 anglers caught 6 trout for 8 lb over the two events, very poor fishing indeed because of the weather conditions.’
    • ‘A few years ago, I was fishing in a remote part of Maine, and after hours of unfruitful casting with a local streamer pattern, I tied on a wet fly popular in California.’
    • ‘Several wet fly competitions were held at the weekend, all giving very good results and providing some excellent fishing for the competitors who came from many parts of Ireland.’
    • ‘Back on the banks of the Khuder I tied on any old wet fly - I hardly looked at it - and started casting.’
    • ‘September is always a better month on the lough for both dapping and wet fly, so with a change in weather conditions anglers can expect much better fishing.’
    • ‘Over the week to May 12 th, 43 anglers fishing in the area between Greenfields and Cornamona landed 144 trout for 205 lb in 55 angling days, mostly all to wet fly and dapping.’
    • ‘A German angler had 1 trout of 1.5lbs on wet fly also.’


wet fly

/wet flī/ /wɛt flaɪ/