Definition of what about —? in English:

what about —?


  • 1Used when asking for information or an opinion on something.

    ‘what about the practical angle?’
    • ‘If a hat on the bed is bad luck, what about a black cat wearing a hat, on a bed?’
    • ‘So it was a good thing that someone was surprised as she was also, but what about him?’
    • ‘I went to take a walk with Katja, what about you?’
    • ‘Uh… I'm just bored so I'm walking around the woods, what about you?’
    • ‘‘So what about this date tonight ?’’
    • ‘Me and a couple friends went on the anti-war marches… what about you?’
    • ‘The water came late last night and disappeared three hours later… what about you?’
    • ‘‘Never mind her,’ muttered Mel, ‘what about us?’’
    • ‘This is meant to be a tourist town, what about them?’
    • ‘Those items are sometimes the work of other journalists, so what about their rights ?’
  • 2Used to make a suggestion.

    ‘what about a walk?’
    • ‘‘Well, sister,’ I said to her, ‘I am very pleased to see that you don't have any problem with walking, but what about my waltz ?’’