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what is more

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  • And as an additional point; moreover.

    ‘what's more, they have a style that is uniquely their own’
    • ‘Like the political realm, the world of fundamentalism is marked by savvy use of persuasion; what is more, it always has been.’
    • ‘They are coming in, in ever increasing numbers, and what is more, outspent visitors from every other part of the globe in 1999.’
    • ‘And what is more, it's a limited edition of 1,000 pieces only, each of which has been signed by Aishwarya.’
    • ‘And what is more, many even carry animal motifs and animal-friendly messages.’
    • ‘And what is more, your presence helps preservation and provides work.’
    • ‘And what is more, there is declining yield from successive generations of hybrid cattle.’
    • ‘The urban environment is ailing and, what is more, there are precious few ways in which to address its problems.’
    • ‘And, what is more, she points out to the reader that it is pure chance.’
    • ‘They do, however, represent a captive audience and, what is more, an audience in a highly receptive frame of mind.’
    • ‘And, what is more, this current of suppression is apparently not as reactive as it may appear.’