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  • 1A circular object that revolves on an axle and is fixed below a vehicle or other object to enable it to move easily over the ground.

    ‘a chair on wheels’
    • ‘In stand-by configuration, the vehicle's front wheels deploy to the ground like a jet plane landing gear to increase longitudinal stability.’
    • ‘I heard the doors close and saw little in the dimmed light, but I heard an engine starting and wheels moving along the ground.’
    • ‘In addition, there is, he says, the physical damage caused by tractor wheels and by vehicles moving onto verges on narrow roads.’
    • ‘He bravely took position behind the wheels to move the vehicle and save it from further abuse at the hands of the law.’
    • ‘The builders did not have the use of wheels or pulleys for moving or lifting loads.’
    • ‘Papers twirled about effortlessly and left their posts gliding to the ground and crumpling beneath the wheels of my haphazard vehicle.’
    • ‘The sky above her, the wheels below her, barely touching the ground.’
    • ‘The wheel automatically moves away from the driver when the ignition key is removed and returns when the ignition is switched on.’
    • ‘The rumbling beneath me is suddenly silenced as the wheels leave the ground.’
    • ‘For example, a passenger aircraft can have a ‘vulnerability’ such as a landing wheel very slightly below pressure, or an entire wing off.’
    • ‘When rolling down, rotate your wrists forward to keep the front wheel grounded.’
    • ‘To hold the door at a convenient height, clamp a small board to the track above and below a wheel.’
    • ‘Ideally the rear wheel moves about a foot sideways, and you go seamlessly from moving at a mild angle on the kerb to moving straight ahead down the street.’
    • ‘They are simply just new ways of scrolling with out moving the scroll wheel.’
    • ‘After dividing the rest of the load between the three smaller vans, he drove the fork-lift up the ramp into his vehicle and clamped the wheels.’
    • ‘Small hard, non-pneumatic wheels on forklift vehicles and other equipment often place great stress on any unsupported edges.’
    • ‘Council staff undertaking absolutely necessary visits to farms or farmland would disinfect footwear and the wheels of vehicles on entering and leaving.’
    • ‘The latter device has a flat wheel with a set of perpendicular fins which protrude into the soil.’
    • ‘The wreckage is also likely to be examined to see if there was any mechanical failure with a particular focus on brakes and wheels.’
    • ‘Procar is negotiating a number of agreements for the supply of control components, including the wheels, brake pads and suspension items.’
    disc, hoop, ring, circle
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    1. 1.1A circular object that revolves on an axle and forms part of a machine.
      ‘Instead they pumped the water which turned the wheels which powered the machines.’
      • ‘She ground her teeth like the gears in her head - fast and getting her nowhere, some useless pieces of machinery spinning an axle but no wheels.’
      • ‘The gleaming, ultimate, driving machine slows down and stops, two alloy wheels on the footpath, twenty yards from the junction.’
      • ‘You can change the default tags for unknown songs using the machine's control wheel, but it's tricky.’
      • ‘Kelvin surmounted this problem by running a single wire along his machine that went around each wheel, so that the combined effects of all wheels would be represented by the motion at the end of the wire.’
      • ‘With a paddle wheel on each side of the ship, it was found far more convenient in terms of visibility to command the ship from a bridge across the driving machinery between the two wheels.’
      • ‘Patented swivel axle keeps all three wheels on the ground even on sharp turns.’
      • ‘According to one witness, one of the attackers disabled the vehicle, taking the wheel off the axle.’
      • ‘The independent suspension brings the wheels to the ground, keeping the vehicle under control.’
      • ‘These are the ones with a fixed wheel and a heavy flywheel with loads of centrifugal force.’
      • ‘Meanwhile other educators having understood the merits of the round wheel, have moved on to the complexities of the axle and the differential.’
    2. 1.2the wheelUsed in reference to the cycle of a specified condition or set of events.
      ‘the final release from the wheel of life’
      • ‘Like the wheel of karma that cycles through every life, the roots of present events can be traced back to earlier events in this or previous lives.’
      • ‘His appointment as Waterford County Manager brought the wheel full cycle, a return for Donal from whence he began.’
      • ‘Immortality, the birthless and deathless state of nirvana, lies beyond this cycle of the wheel of life.’
      • ‘They'd have a prayer written on them and every time the wheel made a complete cycle the prayer was ‘said’.’
      • ‘With this we enter the field of ethical questions, for that is where the problem belongs: What kind of a man must one be if he is to be allowed to put his hand on the wheel of history?’
      • ‘In other words, he must be the cog in the wheel of events leading up to the result which in fact occurred.’
      • ‘Witness the wheel of progress: Rather than set human beings free from segregation, it is segregation that has been set free.’
      • ‘After all, one need openly contemplate the sad litany of child superstars who were broken on the wheel of early success to predict Declan's likely fate.’
      • ‘She is 22 but her voice is more blighted bud than rose, an emotional instrument that conveys innocence broken on the wheel of restless craving.’
      • ‘It should not be broken on the wheel of social, racial or other engineering.’
      • ‘In doing this, in traveling past the world of desire, he breaks the wheel of karma which binds him to the specific reaction which must follow every action.’
      • ‘A strategic initiative, taken at the highest level to broaden the company's product offering, was broken at the wheel of ignorance.’
      • ‘In this great wheel of Brahman, the life and foundation of all, the soul wanders like a swan, thinking himself and the Inspirer to be separate.’
      • ‘The accompanying circular installation has positive and negative words etched in glass effectively highlighting the role of chance in the wheel of life.’
      • ‘Call it the karmic wheel, the hoop of fire, attachment, the source of all suffering.’
      • ‘But each rotation around the cosmic wheel is changed by expanding and escalating technology.’
    3. 1.3the wheel historical A large wheel used as an instrument of punishment or torture, especially by binding someone to it and breaking their limbs.
      ‘a man sentenced to be broken on the wheel’
      • ‘The punishment in hell is to broken on the wheel.’
      • ‘Those who resisted were hanged, broken on the wheel, sent to the fortress of Toulon where the water was waist-high.’
      • ‘Calas was broken on the wheel, a grisly process in which the condemned person's limbs were smashed with iron bars.’
  • 2A machine or structure having a wheel as its essential part.

    1. 2.1the wheelA steering wheel (used in reference to driving or steering a vehicle or vessel)
      ‘his crew knows when he wants to take the wheel’
      • ‘Discrete buttons mounted behind the wheel give you fingertip control over the gearbox.’
      • ‘This is a car that lives by its 7,000 rpm redline and brings out the devil in whoever sits behind the wheel.’
      • ‘Put it on a motorway and you could happily sit behind the wheel and watch the miles waft past.’
      • ‘Overall, drivers feel safer and more secure behind the wheel of a town car.’
      • ‘Mr Cantwell introduces the TV ad while sitting behind the wheel of a jeep.’
      • ‘On Sunday, 10 April, Giancarlo Fisichella will take the wheel of his Renault F1 car on the streets of the Italian capital!’
      • ‘He put his hands behind his head, and told Kaine to take the wheel.’
      • ‘Jesse Allen sat behind the wheel of his SUV, happy anxiety flooding his system.’
      • ‘There is far less vibration transmitted through the wheel and steering has a more precise feel.’
      • ‘Besides, he needed a break from the helm and her brother had volunteered to take the wheel.’
      • ‘It has the specs to strike fear in the hearts of other supercar owners, but my experience behind the wheel was rather disappointing.’
      • ‘Myrtle was instantly killed, but Daisy kept going before she past out and Gatsby was forced to take the wheel and drive home.’
      • ‘The ability to get the wheel motors and control each wheel from a braking, steering and accelerating standpoint.’
      • ‘It felt could to have control every once and a while; to take the wheel.’
      • ‘A motorist caught behind the wheel of his company car just three days after being banned for drink driving was more than four times over the limit.’
      • ‘Gamers will be able to take the wheel of some of the most exclusive high-performance vehicles, all with realistic damage modelling.’
      • ‘While city streets are best seen from the plush interiors of hired limos, the open road is where you take the wheel yourself and go your own way.’
      • ‘A week behind the wheel proved it to be a good solid crossover SUV with a firm and quiet ride, as good as anything in the segment.’
      • ‘Snag Drum has one of his sick headaches, so his son, fifteen-year-old Ivanhoe, sits behind the wheel of the station wagon.’
      • ‘Women who ventured to take the wheel were the focus of derogatory reporting in the motor press such as Autocar.’
      driving, steering, in the driving seat, in the driver's seat, in charge of
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    2. 2.2A vessel's propeller or paddle-wheel.
      • ‘The swift motion of the running wheel or the swirling propeller made their outlines blurred - they were neither exactly here nor exactly there.’
    3. 2.3A device with a revolving disk or drum used in various games of chance.
      ‘Taking a chance on the roulette wheel could lead to empty pockets’
      • ‘This game allowed you to use the touch-screen as a steering device, displaying a wheel, which you drag in order to turn.’
      • ‘Next Saturday night's pay-out will be 1,400 euro with an added bonus of a chance to spin the wheel for an extra 500 euro!’
      • ‘The ever popular weekly bingo game with spin the wheel continues on Saturday night at 9 o'clock in the Community Centre.’
      • ‘Neighbours and friends will be wishing him the best and hoping that he will get a chance to spin the wheel for the top prize.’
      • ‘It was a lot like roulette only with dice instead of a wheel.’
      • ‘In the corner sat a group of guys from Chicago, who were there for the cards, the dice and the roulette wheel, and maybe even a little skiing if time permitted.’
      • ‘Finally she bombed out on the wheel; as it happens, the one game she played where luck is involved.’
      • ‘With that in mind, rather than pining for the good old days and spinning the roulette wheel, maybe the solution is to get in the game.’
      • ‘The roulette game had a sheet on which was drawn a roulette wheel.’
      • ‘For simple systems like roulette wheels, turbulent fluids, and stock markets, I have a lot of experience with this.’
      • ‘Bingo, with spin the wheel, continues on Saturday night in the community centre at 9 p.m. Support greatly appreciated.’
      • ‘A lucky spin of the wheel and then it would be off to a convenient drinking den with your mates; aiming the lethal cork at some unfortunate person and then downing the warm fizzy contents.’
      • ‘Michael Moran from Cross won 170 euros spinning the wheel in the Shrule-Glencorrib lotto in the Blackriver Inn last weekend.’
      • ‘The very popular weekly bingo with E500 spin the wheel continues on Sataurday night in the community centre starting at 8.45 pm.’
      • ‘Mary Conlon will spin the wheel next week in Ray's.’
      • ‘The order in which the finalists spin the wheel and perform will be chosen by TODAY at random and that order shall be binding on all the finalists.’
      • ‘Bingo with spin the wheel takes place on Saturday night in the Community Centre commencing at 8.45 p.m.’
      • ‘Casino dealers get ‘tokes’ in chips, not tips, which can be given directly to the dealer between hands, throws of the dice or spins of the wheel.’
      • ‘Spinning the wheel in two weeks time for a jackpot of 3,500 will be Tom Hughes, Mountross, Headford and it will be held in O'Malley's of Cross.’
    4. 2.4A system, or a part of a system, regarded as a relentlessly moving machine.
      ‘the wheels of justice’
      • ‘She got away with this, but are we to be mercilessly reduced to cogs in the wheels of medical care systems over which we have lost all control?’
      • ‘Now home secretary David Blunkett says he's been trying to get the cleric out of circulation in Britain, but the wheels of the legal system grind slowly.’
      • ‘Remember, the wheels of the justice system can grind very slowly, at least in the US.’
      • ‘While the luxury cars zip around the streets of the town, the wheels of economic and social justice turn a lot more slowly in Anantapur.’
      • ‘Unlike the emergency response special needs children get in countries such as the US, the wheels of the system grind slowly in Ireland.’
      • ‘As the wheels of the grant system grind so slowly this tradition of kindness breaks down in some foster homes who demand that their charges bring in an income.’
      • ‘Every time you pick up the phone, go shopping, do your banking, use the Internet, or watch a movie, you're spinning the wheels of trade in services.’
      • ‘As the wheels of political community gather momentum, I am left wondering how many similar conversations I will have.’
      • ‘He is an important cog in the wheel of day-to-day communication.’
      • ‘If the law passes, some people could be ground between the wheels of the court system before the law could be struck down by the Supreme Court.’
      • ‘The country's economic wheels largely depend on the mining industry which uses substantial amounts of diesel.’
      • ‘The Northern Gateway was meticulously sculptured with depictions of the miracles associated with the great one, crowned by a wheel of justice.’
      • ‘And so turns the heartbreaking wheel of justice for our local young rebels.’
      • ‘Poor Malcolm, the idea that the wheels of justice should be on the public record is just a load of elitist nonsense, we can't have ordinary people discover what a dodgy bit of work he is.’
      • ‘Thus Dreyfuss gave us his character, an ordinary man caught up in wheels of justice spinning out of control, a simple, understated dignity.’
      • ‘At my Leeds secondary modem school we were destined to be apprentices to help grind the wheels of industry, and being ordered and silent, compliant and deferential sums up the ideology.’
      • ‘Regardless how long it takes, the wheels of justice turn.’
      • ‘The President will probably say this case proves that the wheels of justice are turning properly, but the processes are likely to turn slowly.’
      • ‘Sure, the stock market remains a critical cog in the wheel of the U.S. financial system.’
      • ‘Productivity gains would have to become a vital cog in the wheel if firms are to stay competitive and continue to survive in an increasingly tough trading environment.’
  • 3wheels informal A car.

    • ‘she's got wheels now’
    automobile, motor, machine
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    1. 3.1A bicycle.
  • 4A thing resembling a wheel in form or function, in particular a cheese made in the form of a disk.

    ‘a small wheel of Brie’
    • ‘That's the cheese maker workout section of the day when you turn about a thousand wheels of cheese ranging from two to 12 pounds.’
    • ‘With perfect wheels of cheese and crackers before me, I misted up a bit.’
    • ‘Has the cheese wheel come full circle for Peter Beattie?’
    • ‘She turned around and saw Faber standing at the doorway holding two loaves of bread, a large wheel of cheese, and three bottles of milk.’
    • ‘To let the air in, the cheese wheel is regularly pierced all the way through with a long needle, and the mold develops all along the thin tunnels thus generated.’
    • ‘Ara dropped the cheese wheel and it rolled slowly across the floor.’
    • ‘Then he stands up and proceeds to shave very thin slices of cheese from a large wheel of Gouda.’
    • ‘He handed the wheel of cheese back to Lena, who had a faintly disgusted look on her face.’
    • ‘When the Mexican opens his eyes, a large wheel of cheddar cheese rolls down the hill and lands at his feet!’
    • ‘A quarter or half a wheel of cheese (a big, round slab) is melted in front of an open fire.’
    • ‘When it comes to cheese products, wheels, wedges and blocks have slowly but surely given way to dices, slices and shreds.’
    • ‘The gatherers in turn supply a network of middlemen who move the animals in trucks to Managua, often secreted between huge wheels of cheese.’
    • ‘Raclette is the signature dish of Swiss Alpine cuisine and the fondue-style melted cheese traces its origins back to shepherds who used to scrap hot cheese off a wheel in front of a campfire.’
    • ‘She put the wheel of Rothe cheese back on the table and moved toward the door, her hand on the hilt of her dagger.’
    • ‘If dinner parties aren't your speed and you'd rather ignore the cruel world by building a pillow fort in your living room and eating a wheel of Brie, just Shay Cheese.’
    • ‘A few days later, I ordered a whole wheel and it was every bit as delightful as the cheese entered in the awards.’
    • ‘He bought my parents a quarter of a gouda wheel because he thinks he kept eating all our cheese, this made me laugh a lot.’
    • ‘The yard of sausage and wheel of cheese I'd taken to Rwanda to cover the genocide were long gone.’
  • 5An instance of wheeling; a turn or rotation.

    turn, rotation, pivot, swivel, gyration
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/(h)wēl/ /(h)wil/


  • 1with object Push or pull (a vehicle with wheels)

    ‘the sled was wheeled out to the flight deck’
    • ‘A man wheeling his shopping cart through a toy store pulls up short in front of a huge box on a shelf.’
    • ‘The 33-year-old nearly knocked over an elderly man who was wheeling his bike across the road as he drove away from the pursuing patrol car.’
    • ‘The most likely explanation for Harry's disappearance was that he had slipped out of the gate when I was wheeling my bike into the garden after a longish lunch in town.’
    • ‘The lady of the wheel did not apparently feel it incumbent on her to ring her bell, but succeeded in running against the other lady, and wheeling the cycle over her foot.’
    • ‘I wheeled the cart into the store; there was a clerk by the seed section, and I asked if they carried any Moneywort seed.’
    • ‘Later, men wheeled a first-aid cart down the street, to bandage the wounded, and it wasn't like paint at all.’
    • ‘The kids start to wheel their bikes down the road.’
    • ‘But after explaining about her incredible journey, Ms Lee was allowed to wheel her trusty bike into the park to take some triumphant photos.’
    • ‘A moment later, he came around the building, wheeling a bike forward, one hand on seat, another on the steering wheel.’
    • ‘The guy wheeling the cart left the room and class resumed.’
    • ‘Several nurses bustled around wheeling carts of medicine or copying data from the displays into notebooks.’
    • ‘Jack is wheeling the hay cart in as Grandad and I head back through the stable.’
    • ‘I used to joke in the shows that the declining power of New Zealand men came about when they started wheeling suitcases on those sad little wheels.’
    • ‘Other news across America: In Boston, police are looking for two men caught on surveillance tape wheeling an ATM machine out of a convenience store.’
    • ‘Mr Rose James F Frad of Wilton Avenue, Chiswick Lane, was summoned for wheeling a bicycle on the footpath.’
    • ‘He's barely wheeled his scooter out of the side gate before I'm leaning precariously out of the bedroom window scanning the street for speeding cars, rabid dogs and men with pockets full of puppies.’
    • ‘The lady in white wheeled my mother out of the visitors' lounge and across the lobby, with my father and me following along behind.’
    • ‘And I wheeled it out of the garage to Grease theme music.’
    • ‘Traffic police in Wiltshire are urging motorcyclists to ensure they take extra care on the roads as they wheel their machines out at the start of the season.’
    • ‘Bauer wheels the combat craft on a dime, pointing the bow to the shore.’
    push, trundle, roll
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    1. 1.1Carry (someone or something) in or on a vehicle with wheels.
      ‘a young woman is wheeled into the operating room’
      • ‘Others recalled spotting the attractive brunette in the village post office buying sweets for her children, wheeling her youngest daughter, who was two, in a pushchair.’
      • ‘All sorts of people take part in the hour-long walks, from pensioners to young mums wheeling buggies to those who want some human company while taking the dog for a walk.’
      • ‘On an unseasonally nippy May Tuesday, two women, a man and a young girl wheeling a baby's buggy, set about cracking open the votes in Kinsealy.’
      • ‘While a group of nurses wheeled the young woman into a hospital room, Dresers noticed that the woman's eyelids were fluttering.’
      • ‘In the observation room of the Angel Grove Hospital two nurses and one doctor wheeled a young man in to have X-rays taken.’
      • ‘As the young orderly wheeled me to my brother's hospital room, on one weekday evening, I had time to think.’
      • ‘The patient had received large doses of narcotic pain medication, and my partner and I were wheeling him through the hospital on our stretcher while carrying on a conversation with him.’
      • ‘First off, knowing what I know now, this man should have been wheeled into the Operating Room straight from Casualty for Emergency Surgery.’
      • ‘In just a few minutes, a medical team comes together, and doctors and paramedics take up their stations as the patient is wheeled into the operation theatre.’
      • ‘The surgery on Maria Teresa and Maria de Jesus Quiej-Alvarez began about six hours after they were wheeled into the operating theatre.’
      • ‘As soon as the child falls asleep due to the medication, he or she is wheeled into the operation theatre.’
      • ‘I wasn't wheeled into the operating-theatre with the wrong name strapped to my wrist.’
      • ‘As Amanda was wheeled into the operating theatre she believed she was going to die and began to cry.’
      • ‘Here I was being wheeled in the operating room for a serious procedure on my right knee.’
      • ‘Patients being wheeled to operating theatres for surgery are at risk, particularly if they are on a drip or a feed.’
      • ‘About the time I was being wheeled off on a stretcher into the operating theater, it suddenly occurred to me that I had no control whatsoever.’
      • ‘I wondered if this little boy could speak any English, when I saw the same young boy I'd seen at the elevators be wheeled into the room.’
      • ‘The door opened and two orderlies wheeled in a bed carrying a sheet-shrouded form.’
      • ‘Very often these precious children are carried into these death traps in carry cots or wheeled in, in prams.’
      • ‘The team flew into action, wheeling Martin through the swinging double doors and into the operating bay.’
  • 2no object (of a bird or aircraft) fly in a wide circle or curve.

    ‘the birds wheeled and dived’
    • ‘In the distance I could see the birds wheeling and diving into the clear blue waters of the Gulf.’
    • ‘As he approached the towers a salty breeze whipped against his skin, A few birds circled overhead, wheeling absently in fatigue above the barren lands.’
    • ‘Barrel rolls, loops and dives featured as the three aircraft wheeled gracefully over the expanse of Sydney Harbour.’
    • ‘Wander among the trees at sunset, with the birds wheeling and whistling overhead, and see if you don't hear the sound of children laughing.’
    • ‘A light aircraft wheeled in a window of blue sky, then disappeared and tranquillity returned.’
    • ‘Throughout the prayers, a group of fascinating birds were wheeling and dipping above our heads as if they were on some kind of ornithological whirlwind tour of the airwaves surrounding the Temple Mount.’
    • ‘The conversation continued for a few more seconds, and then the birds started wheeling away.’
    • ‘The birds are wheeling in flight over the islands and it really is a fantastic spectacle.’
    • ‘And instead to walk with Angus to Ruadh Dearg where waves curled and crashed and lathered the rocks, where birds wheeled and screeched among the cliffs.’
    • ‘Above him, sea birds wheeled and called and although he couldn't see a beach, he could hear the gentle wash of waves on the shore.’
    • ‘Day by day the distance covered varies but on the toughest section competitors run almost 50 miles with only other runners and eagles wheeling high above for company.’
    • ‘The helicopter wheeled away, dragging a Kendal mountain rescuer, who was still dangling from its cable, with it.’
    • ‘Mother Nature is bountiful: golden eagles wheel, harriers swoop, otters play.’
    • ‘For a quarter of an hour they wheeled and circled, rose and sank and effortlessly rose again as the thermal draughts supported them.’
    • ‘Gulls wheeled and screamed over the first slug of spawning candlefish.’
    • ‘Curlews wheeled with gulls, rooks, and a busy jet or two.’
    • ‘As gannets wheeled and dived into the blue-green waters, Muiris scattered most of the ashes over the sea.’
    • ‘Other cases are shots of birds wheeling overhead, or dog teams riding, or kayak trips, or cleaning blubber that are all too long.’
    • ‘Turkey Vultures wheeled over the highway; another flapped awkwardly against the cool air.’
    • ‘Dozens of swifts wheel in and out through a 2-foot square hole high in the wall.’
    turn, turn round, go round, rotate, revolve, circle, orbit
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    1. 2.1Turn around quickly so as to face another way.
      ‘Robert wheeled around to see the face of Mr. Mafouz’
      • ‘She wheeled around quickly and saw a young boy, maybe 11, holding onto the reigns of a young foal.’
      • ‘Credo pulled his horse up and wheeled around quickly to look behind him, where Erial pointed.’
      • ‘Hearing a slight noise to her left, she wheeled round again and stormed along the corridor, cursing Brunton's obsession with mazes.’
      • ‘He swore as he bent low over the bars, angrily straining on the pedals, gathering speed as he wheeled round the corner and into the drive.’
      • ‘Andy wheeled round and stamped back towards us until he was face to face with the suspicious rebel.’
      • ‘Then, just as quickly, his expression returned to hard resolve as he wheeled around to face the large windows in front of him.’
      • ‘On his balcony, Khaiber wheeled around and tried to squeeze off a few frames of an aircraft roaring overhead.’
      • ‘Instead there was a ragbag of patients from all strata of society being wheeled around looking rather forlorn.’
      • ‘On to Redlands Quarry where oystercatchers wheeled around gantries and mountains of gravel.’
      • ‘Matt wheeled around and stormed back up the stairs.’
      • ‘Creighton wheeled around and almost lost his balance.’
      • ‘Realizing this, she wheeled around and threw her aching, exhausted legs into a run, stopping only to throw herself into Alain's arms.’
      • ‘Mr. Beaumont wheeled around and stared directly at Mathias.’
      • ‘I wheeled around and found myself face to face with Lily.’
      • ‘He wheeled around, dragging Gabrielle with him down the hall.’
      • ‘Mrs. Lopez wheeled around and whispered something in Eddie's ear.’
      • ‘With an incredible burst of speed, Jack passed up the Frisbee, grabbed it, wheeled around and threw it back at Sam.’
      • ‘Kenneth wheeled around and stared at his brother with intense eyes.’
      • ‘The man wheeled around to face her, glaring coldly.’
      • ‘Sitara wheeled around in surprise, to come face to face with Rolan Snow.’
    2. 2.2Turn or seem to turn on an axis or pivot.
      ‘the stars wheeled through the sky’
      • ‘Overhead, the stars wheel in the heavens and a bright, bright moon shines down on the fields and on the house itself, for it's clear tonight.’
      • ‘I wheeled with the stars, my heart broke free on the open sky.’
      • ‘We are at the midpoint between the summer solstice and the fall equinox, a time of warm weather but slowly declining light as the earth wheels toward the dark hinge of the year in late December.’
      • ‘While the Earth wheeled around its sun, so I was privileged to hear, that earth and its moon wheeled around each other.’
      • ‘When the Moon wheels around to oppose the Sun for the last time in 2012, Mercury will be within a day of its annual conjunction with the core of our galaxy on the back porch of Sagittarius.’
      • ‘His manipulative aides complete a trio of fates, a malign constellation wheeling round Herman on the huge empty stage like a ghoulish mobile.’
      • ‘He crept forth into the town square, keeping one eye on the clouds wheeling overhead.’
      • ‘The water was so clear you could see the clouds of fish wheeling about in it's crystalline depths.’
      • ‘The constellations are wheeling above him as he heads for the promise of the low, distant lights.’
      • ‘The constellations wheel around us, ribbons of nebula drift into view, scintillate and are left behind.’
      • ‘The sky was wheeling overhead; we were brave and safe.’



/(h)wēl/ /(h)wil/


    grease the wheels
    • Help something go smoothly.

      • ‘the money is inadequate to grease the wheels of recovery’
    on wheels
    • 1By, or traveling by, car or bicycle.

      ‘a journey on wheels’
      • ‘They arrive on wheels, travel through the hospital on wheels and may be prescribed medicine, which originates from plants and minerals.’
      • ‘Staveley's Rob Jebb became only the second athlete to win the Three Peaks on foot and on wheels at the weekend, writes Mike Addison.’
      • ‘Parents need to be more aware if their children are on wheels they should be wearing helmets,’ he said.’
      1. 1.1British informal (of a service) brought to one's home or district; mobile.
        • ‘the business ran on wheels’
        • ‘A business solution on wheels: international and IBM collaborate on a telematics system that will change the way fleets do business’
    • 2British informal Used to emphasize one's distaste or dislike of the person or thing mentioned.

      • ‘if I don't eat, I turn into a bitch on wheels’
      • ‘Basically Candida is a bitch on wheels, and having spent the entire play trying to win her heart, Marchbanks, the weedy poet, fails in his quest and Candida chooses to stay with her husband.’
      • ‘The search is on for at least one childhood friend who will say the celebrity was a bitch on wheels.’
      • ‘If I don't get my way, I turn into a bitch on wheels.’
      • ‘Push her far enough and she becomes a screaming bitch on wheels.’
      • ‘She beat you up, had you in a hospital for four days, not to mention discolored every part of your anatomy, and you still think that bitch on wheels is hot?’
      • ‘He had just broken up with his ex-girlfriend Sara, a real bitch on wheels.’
      • ‘Shaking her head with disgust, she stormed off down the street trying to keep a long distance between her and the bitch on wheels.’
      • ‘She is simply a bitch on wheels, too abrasive and dour for us to even like.’
      • ‘She's a brilliant negotiator but she can be one hell of a bitch on wheels.’
      • ‘A little religious bitch on wheels is in my house and probably going to our school as well.’
    the wheel of Fortune
    • The wheel which the deity Fortune is represented as turning as a symbol of random luck or change.

      ‘he was powerless to stop the inexorable wheel of Fortune from taking her from him’
      • ‘The ballet opens and closes with an invocation to ever-changing fate and the wheel of Fortune.’
      • ‘The sale was a good success and great fun with many prizes won on the wheel of Fortune and in the various raffles.’
    wheel and deal
    • Engage in commercial or political scheming, especially unscrupulously.

      ‘he will wheel and deal to get the players he wants’
      • ‘the wheeling and dealing of the Wall Street boom years’
      • ‘Both were incapable of disengaging from political wheeling and dealing when it mattered.’
      • ‘Similarly we are not interested in the political wheeling and dealing between the major parties that shapes council business.’
      • ‘In the model of ethnic democracy minorities are disadvantaged but can improve their position through politics of wheeling and dealing.’
      • ‘Although these will certainly play a key part in appealing to people around the world, political wheeling and dealing are essential too.’
      • ‘For his part Preece recognises the part he has to play in the arrangement and has been busy wheeling and dealing with four players leaving the club on loan deals in the last week.’
      • ‘The last-minute negotiations for Republican votes resembled the wheeling and dealing on a car lot.’
      • ‘I'm just angry at the wheeling and dealing that goes on in politics.’
      • ‘They're mostly employed in what they consider to be honorable pursuits, the wheeling and dealing, the bestowing of favors in the form of contracts, and generally being unproductive.’
      • ‘But with his wheeling and dealing, he was too big a threat.’
      • ‘But I leave all that other wheeling and dealing to my husband.’
    wheels within wheels
    • Used to indicate that a situation is complicated and affected by secret or indirect influences.

      ‘the wheels within wheels began to turn and efforts were made to have the sentence reduced’
      • ‘Sources tell us that Nine saved itself a big sum thanks to this fortuitous family connection, which adds wheels within wheels within wheels to the story.’
      • ‘Wheels within wheels within wheels, everybody fact-checks every one else, and the truth eventually is found.’
      • ‘Taberah felt dizzy with the complexity, or more accurately, giddy, drunk; he heard wheels within wheels within wheels within wheels.’
      • ‘He gets that sense that nobody really knows what's going on, of wheels within wheels or a wilderness of mirrors.’
      • ‘And as it all unravelled, cosy deals, lax auditing, wheels within wheels, and slippery accounting was exposed.’
      • ‘The Music Box is a perfect distillation of comic character, and it contains wheels within wheels of humiliation for our heroes.’
      • ‘That there are, wheels within wheels, is something that the liberals fail to see.’
      • ‘Omar claims he kidnapped Daniel on his own accord but there are wheels within wheels and one may never come to know the true mastermind behind this kidnapping.’
      • ‘But of course there are wheels within wheels, and who knows which way they're turning?’
      • ‘The foibles and frictions, the political in-fighting and wheels within wheels are the same wherever the spotlights spark up.’

Phrasal Verbs

    wheel out
    • wheel something out, wheel out somethingSay or produce something that is unimpressive because it has been frequently seen or heard before.

      • ‘the old journalistic arguments have been wheeled out’


Old English hwēol (noun), of Germanic origin, from an Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit cakra ‘wheel, circle’ and Greek kuklos ‘circle’.