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where it's at

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  • The fashionable place, possession, or activity.

    • ‘New York is where it's at, stylewise’
    • ‘If you prefer loafers or moccasins, you'll also have a chance to prove your fashion sense this summer, but sandals are really where it's at.’
    • ‘I'm a huge, huge fan of festivals, so that's where it's at for me this summer.’
    • ‘The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has plenty of money to give out, but collecting and interpreting the artefacts of human history is just not where it's at.’
    • ‘Presidents and dignitaries have worn his designs, but Iwan Tirta says home is really where it's at.’
    • ‘And they end up drinking the same drink, in the company of the same people, fondly imagining that because they moved through several pubs, this is really where it's at!’
    • ‘There is evidence, though, that the young have become so seduced by the celebrity culture that their only ambition is to be famous and that working for a living is not where it's at.’
    • ‘Juice is good too, but water, baby, that's where it's at.’
    • ‘But locals here realize that tourism is where it's at for them.’
    • ‘Everyone is talking about California - it's so where it's at, I think.’
    • ‘Twisted denim is where it's at, for women and men.’
    • ‘Celebrating all things multidisciplinary, the first ever Vasistas festival is here to show us all that multi-tasking art is where it's at.’
    • ‘‘This is where it's at,’ said one of the prime minister's closest advisors.’
    • ‘Europe is where it's at, home of the UEFA Champions' League, a powerbase for the game globally, and a workplace for the planet's most talented players.’
    • ‘It's understandable that the food police might object to an article suggesting that bread and potatoes are not where it's at.’
    • ‘As nice as it is to be liked by your home country, to Canadians, international success is where it's at.’
    • ‘What we are doing is we are going with the youth; we are going with the people who know where it's at.’
    • ‘All things Norwegian seem to be where it's at at the minute.’
    • ‘If everyone can be skinny, thin won't be in, but fat will start being where it's at.’
    • ‘There are a lot of clues pointing you in the right direction, but nobody just tells you where it's at.’
    • ‘As we used to say in the Sixties, wherever Zandra Rhodes is, is where it's at.’
    • ‘Italian markets really are where it's at because everything is seasonal and it's mostly organic.’