Definition of wherefrom in English:


relative adverb

  • From which or from where.

    ‘one day you may lose this pride of place wherefrom you now dominate’
    • ‘But, the question is, wherefrom will the required funds come?’
    • ‘Robert Smithson and John Lloyd Stephens were both New Jersey-born residents of Manhattan, wherefrom each embarked on a well-publicized excursion to the Yucatan Peninsula.’
    • ‘Indeed, Latin America, particularly Brazil, has become in a very short time a world center of Pentecostal Christianity, wherefrom it has now begun to radiate in all directions.’
    • ‘There is not much here for scholar specialists except citation of sources, ancient and modern, wherefrom the material is taken and whose inferences are borrowed, respectively.’
    • ‘Therefore, none of them could answer the basic human questions of wherefrom? why? and whereto?’



/(h)werˈfrəm/ /(h)wɛrˈfrəm/