Definition of whip-smart in English:



informal mainly North American
  • Very quick-witted and intelligent.

    • ‘a private eye is expected to be whip-smart and tough as nails’
    • ‘Allen's whip-smart dialogue’
    • ‘I was wondering where all the whip-smart insights into the mind of a woman finally growing up were.’
    • ‘If you're looking for a whip-smart, fast-turnaround copywriter/content producer with superb references, let me know.’
    • ‘But what a fearless, whip-smart artist she is.’
    • ‘His lyrics are offbeat and whip-smart, while the music is stately and pristine yet very much alive and kicking.’
    • ‘The show's whip-smart writing, bold frankness and exceptional acting more than make up for these minor stumbles.’
    • ‘They're whip-smart, funny, and kind, and that's what I'm looking for in a friendship.’
    • ‘A private eye is expected to be whip-smart and tough as nails.’
    • ‘Individually, these guys are often whip-smart and clued in; but collectively they are a crowd of lemmings on an awayday to the coast.’
    • ‘Of course it helped that he was starring in a whip-smart black comedy and is supported by a round of other talented actors.’
    • ‘The show offers some whip-smart dialogue and a central father-daughter relationship with seemingly boundless opportunities for conflict.’
    • ‘She is gorgeous, whip-smart and a brazen flirt - all qualities that make her "an organized bundle of fascination."’
    • ‘The show was whip-smart and well-paced.’
    • ‘Amusing, instantly likable, and whip-smart, he's in possession of a life so unconventional and fantastical, it's more twisted than fiction.’
    • ‘He is whip-smart, financially successful, and a magnet for women.’
    • ‘Much of the pleasure derives from Mamet's whip-smart dialogue and the enjoyment the actors take in playing it out.’
    alert, astute, perceptive, quick, quick-thinking, sharp-witted, sharp, shrewd, penetrating, discerning, perspicacious