Definition of whisperer in English:



  • 1A person who whispers.

    ‘he's a whisperer—you can hardly hear a word he says’
    • ‘The rest of the day was like that, boring classes with three types of people, the whisperers, the shy ones, and the friendly ones.’
    • ‘Stina Nordenstam is the Stockholm whisperer, so quiet and child-like in her singing, and her albums have always been moon-lit affairs with the wolves at the door on a frosty night.’
    • ‘Loud whisperers from the row behind me hope he is wrong.’
    • ‘Like Tony Micale he's a whisperer, you can hardly hear a a word he says.’
    • ‘The gigglers and whisperers—there seemed to be several of each—receded.’
    1. 1.1A person who spreads gossip or rumors.
      ‘the whisperers say the committee that appointed him was divided’
      • ‘He emerged from the foothills of a botched coup neurotic about the whisperers.’
      • ‘The Whitehall whisperers were caught out by the deceptive intimacy of e-mail.’
      • ‘Fragrant whisperers from the third Floor at Nine suggest a coup may by underway for the Today Show.’
      • ‘The whisperers have been silenced, for the moment at least.’
      • ‘The House of Representatives summoned the President's four secretaries onThursday, in the hunt to uncover the identity of the "whisperers", whom politicians say have been misleading him.’
      • ‘But at the moment the City's whisperers are asking whether the LSE is about to return to the bad old days when it was dogged by controversy.’
      • ‘He complained that the whisperers portrayed him as an "inarticulate working-class man from Glasgow" who is liked, but not much good.’
      • ‘Indeed in today's through-the-looking-glass political culture, it is precisely the source's status as a lone, anonymous whisperer in the dark that makes him seem credible.’
      • ‘Aside from the worry over the "whisperers," there is the perception that in the shake-up of the ministries - which are distributed among the various parties represented in Wahid's cabinet - civil servants are being replaced by political appointees.’
      • ‘The whisperers say the committee that appointed him was divided, but it would be unprecedented had it not been.’
      • ‘The arithmetic of gossip usually makes two and two equal five, but this time, the whisperers seem to be using calculators instead of fingers.’
      • ‘When it came down to decisions being made, though, none of the whisperers could identify anyone capable of managing United better than Ferguson.’
      • ‘He is still waging war on many different fronts: against cyclists, against teams, against the media, against France, against the whisperers who insist he is on drugs.’
  • 2with modifier A person skilled in taming or training a specified kind of animal, typically using body language and gentle vocal encouragement rather than physical contact.

    ‘he's reportedly set to quit show business to become a horse whisperer’
    • ‘Jo is - or at least, is training to be - a horse whisperer.’
    • ‘A talented horse whisperer, she takes comfort in being around horses.’
    • ‘Anyone having a problem with their own pooch can consult dog whisperer Steve Fryer, who will be available to share his successful training methods.’
    • ‘A WORLD-renowned "horse whisperer" who trains miniature ponies to do the job of guide dogs for the blind is to visit East Lancashire to show people her techniques.’
    • ‘They use the methods to make a horse perform correctly without the use of force or cruelty and are developing a growing reputation as horse whisperers.’
    • ‘"I can break in a horse as quick as Monty Roberts, the famous horse whisperer," he claimed.’
    • ‘It is this approach that makes him so keenly attuned to the needs of plants - a plant whisperer of sorts.’
    • ‘Other attractions will include a live display by a horse whisperer, a dog race, and two displays by the Thorpe Perrow falcons.’
    • ‘Working in horse stables is hard work, and one thing the movie does right is not show an easy transition from novice horse handler to expect horse whisperer in a matter of days.’
    • ‘A REAL-life horse whisperer, who has saved thousands of animals from becoming horse meat, hopes to set up his own sanctuary in Rochdale.’
    • ‘She's an alpaca whisperer.’
    • ‘I understand there was a dog whisperer on the Richard and Judy show’
    • ‘National Geographic Channel's new Dog Whisperer takes on pampered pets - and their owners’
    • ‘Charro, a 10-year-old thoroughbred cross Appaloosa mare, was too dangerous to handle and destined for the knacker's yard until a 'horse whisperer' took over the reins.’
    • ‘The pig whisperer: Author Jeffrey Masson explores the emotions of - and cruelty inflicted upon - the most unglamorous animals’
    • ‘Part of his appeal was the affection people feel for his trainer, Henrietta Knight, a tweed-wearing, flower-loving horse whisperer who exemplifies all that is good about country life.’
    • ‘Standing pen-side, my 'dog whisperer' Greg says the key is to catch the pups early, and set the guidelines.’
    • ‘Renowned dog whisperer Steve Fryer put a lot of animal owners on the right road with their pets when he gave a free advice session at Rangebourne Pet Care in New Park Street on Saturday.’
    • ‘But while fear of a shark attack may haunt Australian beachgoers as they dip their toes in the oceans that surround their nation, for "shark whisperer" Ian Gordon taunting a massive Great White Shark to attack is all in a day's work.’
    • ‘Although I wouldn't profess to be any sort of "trout whisperer", I like to feel that, over the years, I have learned something of how my quarry think.’
    • ‘It was only a matter of time before Millan's reputation as a dog whisperer began to grow.’



/ˈ(h)wisp(ə)rər/ /ˈ(h)wɪsp(ə)rər/