Definition of white arsenic in English:

white arsenic


  • An extremely toxic soluble white solid made by burning arsenic.

    Alternative name: arsenic trioxide; chemical formula: As₂O₃

    ‘The inorganic forms, airborne arsenic trioxide and arsenate/arsenite (found in soil, water, and food), are the forms of concern to human health.’
    • ‘A few studies have been completed using arsenic trioxide as a treatment on newly diagnosed patients.’
    • ‘More recently arsenic trioxide has been used in treatment of PML.’
    • ‘In one study, arsenic trioxide was given to patients who relapsed after achieving remission with ATRA and chemotherapy.’
    • ‘It also produces by-products including arsenic trioxide.’


white arsenic

/(h)wīt ärˈsenik/ /(h)waɪt ɑrˈsɛnɪk/