Definition of white-footed mouse in English:

white-footed mouse


  • A common deer mouse with white feet, found in the US and Mexico.

    Peromyscus leucopus, family Muridae

    ‘Some rodents, especially the deer mouse, rice rat, white-footed mouse and cotton rat, may carry hantaviruses.’
    • ‘Little loggers make a big difference: the tastes of two small rodents - the meadow vole and the white-footed mouse - can determine what trees grow in a forest’
    • ‘And meadow voles, by excluding white-footed mice from some habitats, may reduce the risk of Lyme disease, which is carried by ticks that feed off these mice.’
    • ‘While meadow voles rarely leave grassy fields to enter forests, white-footed mice are generalists, preferring forests but frequenting old fields as well.’
    • ‘A total of 60 white-footed mice yielded 16 species of mites, two species of ticks, two species of fleas, and one species of louse.’


white-footed mouse

/(h)wīt fo͝odəd mous/ /(h)waɪt fʊdəd maʊs/