Definition of white-haired in English:


Pronunciation /ˌ(h)wītˈherd/ /ˌ(h)waɪtˈhɛrd/


  • Having hair of a white color, especially from age.

    ‘a white-haired woman with wrinkled skin’
    • ‘Clarke was rather English in appearance, a tall, thin, white-haired man in spectacles.’
    • ‘The archived footage showed a white-haired man speaking at a podium.’
    • ‘Great-grandma was a white-haired old lady by the time my mother came along.’
    • ‘The door to the room opened and an old gentleman, white-haired, ruddy-cheeked, elegantly dressed, invited him to enter.’
    • ‘Barbara Jefford as Queen Margaret is white-haired, baleful and beautifully spoken.’
    • ‘He is a kindly, white-haired charmer.’
    • ‘He always arrived in class on time, well groomed, white-haired, with a trim mustache, soft smile, cultured voice with a slight German accent.’
    • ‘His general public image was that of a true sage, a benevolent, white-haired wise man, full of sound advice for the guidance of the lives of ordinary people.’
    • ‘When I knocked, an aged, white-haired woman wearing a tattered apron appeared.’
    • ‘I stared at the bent, white-haired figure as if I had never seen him before.’
    • ‘The white-haired woman murmured a few words and the girl sighed, then said something that made both women laugh.’
    • ‘Fred is a dapper, chatty, white-haired man in, I guess, his mid-seventies.’
    • ‘Trim, white-haired, and as stylish as a country gentleman, Mondavi, at 88, is the head of a vast wine empire.’
    • ‘White-haired gentlemen haunt grand old cafes from days gone by, sipping coffee under dusty chandeliers.’
    • ‘I noticed, across a distant paddock, a white-haired figure striding through the grass.’
    elderly, aged, old, getting on, ancient, venerable, long in the tooth, of an advanced age, advanced in years