Definition of white lead in English:

white lead


  • A white pigment consisting of a mixture of lead carbonate and lead hydroxide.

    ‘The paint room also held linseed oil, as well as the green and blue paint likely used to coat the steam engines, ‘Japan’ varnish, lamp black, coal tar, white lead, cement, and one diamond.’
    • ‘Finds include large ceramic jars, glazed on the inside, which were probably used to manufacture white lead by the chemical reaction of vinegar, lead and a fermenting agent.’
    • ‘All of these came from natural sources such as madder, kermes, red and white lead, verdigris, yellow ochre, yellow arsenic sulphide, oak gall, indigo and woad and lapis lazuli.’
    • ‘In contrast, most industrialised nations took action in the 1920s and 1930s, signing the International White Lead Treaty banning the use of white lead in paint.’
    • ‘Alkyd and acrylic primers, pigmented with titanium white, have largely replaced white lead in oil as grounds for oil painting.’


white lead

/(h)wīt ˈled/ /(h)waɪt ˈlɛd/