Definition of white mouse in English:

white mouse


  • An albino form of the house mouse, widely bred as a pet and laboratory animal.

    ‘Closer inspection reveals a separate compartment near the top of each trap where a small white mouse sits, out of reach from the snake, gnawing away on grain bars or a large potato.’
    • ‘He meets a little white mouse, a marmalade cat, a black-and-white cow, a green crocodile, a grinning lion, a big-eared elephant and a gigantic whale.’
    • ‘Last year's attraction was the zoo, when a variety of birds, snakes, squirrels, white mice, horses etc. specially brought for the purpose were on display at the school.’
    • ‘The hutch is a small corner filled with white mice, guinea pigs and rabbits.’
    • ‘There were also two white mice that had been smuggled out of a research laboratory.’
    • ‘Cancer mice Meanies in white smocks have been injecting cancer into white mice.’
    • ‘In Xu's lab, the jumping gene carried red fluorescent protein and an enzyme that changes the coat color of a white mouse to grey or black.’
    • ‘However we already know that the overall DNA sequence similarity between humans, chimpanzees and white mice is 99% and 83% respectively.’
    • ‘Britain's first three astronauts - two male, one female - blast off into outer space to occupy a ‘sky lab’ for six months, taking with them a dog and the usual cages of white mice and other insects.’
    • ‘Years later I bought a white mouse at a pet shop.’
    • ‘Years later I bought a white mouse at a pet shop.’


white mouse

/ˈ(h)wīt ˈmous/ /ˈ(h)waɪt ˈmaʊs/