Definition of white pages in English:

white pages



  • The part of the telephone book that lists residential and business telephone numbers in alphabetical order by name, usually without any advertising copy.

    ‘Tim Kay, for example, was a Caltech computer scientist who had written a program for one of the first search engines for Internet white pages.’
    • ‘With all the land lines and hand phones that we have, the monthly phone bill statement is about the size of the Peking white pages.’
    • ‘His Washington, D.C., office number and address are listed in the white pages.’
    • ‘With only a small percentage of mobile phone numbers listed in the white pages, the people who are accessible to us are increasingly only those we have chosen to exchange our mobile phone number with.’
    • ‘Their telephone number is in the white pages or community service pages of your local telephone book.’
    • ‘He then turned to the white pages of the phone book, which is how he found Marise Stillman.’
    • ‘Switchboard will offer its localized content package, including electronic yellow and white pages and customized regional maps, to WorldGate subs.’
    • ‘I got the number from the white pages, rang it, and got into their automated phone system.’
    • ‘You could just open up the white pages and start calling people at random and offering to sell them Herbalife.’
    • ‘It also assists the parent company in publishing the official white pages directories for Mumbai and Delhi.’
    • ‘The page he was looking at was at the end of the R's and the beginning of the S's in the white pages.’
    • ‘So many people in Griffith are called Barbaro - check out the white pages, its like Smith.’
    • ‘To obtain a fire permit or get advice phone your local Rural Fire Service in the white pages.’
    • ‘De Jong set about tracking down the original owner of the picture by going through the white pages.’