Definition of white poplar in English:

white poplar


  • A Eurasian poplar with lobed leaves that are white underneath and gray-green above.

    Also called abele

    Populus alba, family Salicaceae

    ‘In the white poplar, a broad shade tree in their grandparents' yard, Louise and Elizabeth climbed, swung, and hid.’
    • ‘Regular application of Ca 2 + in the nutrient solution was shown to improve survival after freezing in both the freezing-tolerant white poplar and the susceptible hornbeam.’
    • ‘White poplar is found in forty-three states throughout the contiguous U.S.’
    • ‘It is the white trunk and bark of white poplar which is particularly striking, along with the beautiful two-toned leaves.’
    • ‘At death the infernal Zeus metamorphosed her into a white poplar, which was ultimately removed into Elysium.’


white poplar

/(h)wīt ˈpäplər/ /(h)waɪt ˈpɑplər/