Definition of white rhinoceros in English:

white rhinoceros


  • A very large two-horned African rhinoceros with broad lips.

    Ceratotherium simum, family Rhinocerotidae

    ‘Not so here in Natal, where the Parks are full of both black and white rhinoceros in their prime.’
    • ‘The white rhinoceros is divided into two sub-species, the northern white rhinoceros and the southern white rhinoceros.’
    • ‘Thousands of animals including white rhinoceroses and kangaroos have come from 14 countries, such as Tanzania, South Africa and Argentina.’
    • ‘Swaziland wants a permit to export both live and trophy white rhinoceroses, a species which was re-established in the southern African kingdom in 1965 after having become extinct.’
    • ‘The recovery of Africa's southern white rhinoceros population from no more than 50 animals a century ago to over 11,000 today is a conservation success story.’


white rhinoceros

/(h)wīt rīˈnäs(ə)rəs/ /(h)waɪt raɪˈnɑs(ə)rəs/