Definition of white witch in English:

white witch


  • A person who practices magic for altruistic purposes.

    ‘Basically, I live minutes away from the shop run by one Kerry Kulkens, a self-styled white witch and ‘Australia's leading psychic astrologer.’’
    • ‘The country's National Witches Association claims it discriminates against white witches and should only apply to black magic.’
    • ‘She hosted the get together with partner Tom Dimakopoulos, at their shop Charmed, to teach aspirant white witches how to develop their magic skills.’
    • ‘Speaking after the incident, Karin Attwood, a white witch and Rollright Stones Trustee, said witches she knew had placed a curse on the perpetrator.’
    • ‘Prospero is a white witch, he's a magus, and the person he defeated on the island in order to take it over, Sycorax, was a black witch.’
    • ‘As far as I can tell, the amulet was taken by force from the occult masters by the white witches and placed under a powerful blood seal.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, exit stage left in a black stretch limousine, Kevin Carlyon, one of Britain's highest-ranking white witches.’
    • ‘The white witches pull up outside the cemetery gates.’
    • ‘Jessica Lange co-stars as Edward's wife in later life, and there are cameo roles for Danny Devito as a circus boss; and an almost unrecognisable Helene Bonham Carter as a white witch.’
    • ‘As doomsday looms for Chippenham's Goldiggers building, protesters have enrolled a white witch in their battle against the forces of demolition and development.’
    • ‘Overnight, the Mugabe-controlled media condemned her as a white witch who allegedly supported his chief political rival Joshua Nkomo's ‘dissidents’.’
    • ‘In A Cry for Help, Rachel, a white witch and student of writing, travels back in time in order to save Elián's mother and her fellow travelers from drowning in the Florida Strait.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the soup maker has a local white witch come round and perform a spell over every batch.’
    • ‘Eventually, he stops trailing the brothers in their pursuit of Christian freedom and ends up meeting a beautiful Tartar woman Omai - a white witch doctor of sorts.’
    • ‘She's also a white witch and does everything involved with that lifestyle, including the spells and the different rituals.’
    • ‘The white witch cast a blocking spell in April 2001 in an attempt to scupper plans by Swedish scientist Jan Sundberg to trap the elusive creature.’
    • ‘They include a sculptor, a photographer, an egg roundsman and even a white witch obsessed with the gothic genre.’
    • ‘A white witch once told me that at this time of year, the veil between the worlds is thin.’
    • ‘Hearing the words apothecary, alchemist, pestle and mortar, potions and plants, immediately brings to mind the image of a Victorian chemist in a small back-street shop - or even a modern day white witch.’
    • ‘Ms Vine, self styled white witch, high priestess and paranormal investigator, said they would write up a full report for each investigation, as well as providing pictures and poetry.’


white witch

/ˈ(h)wīt ˈwiCH/ /ˈ(h)waɪt ˈwɪtʃ/