Definition of whiz-bang in English:


(also whizz-bang)

Pronunciation /ˈ(h)wizˌbaNG/ /ˈ(h)wɪzˌbæŋ/

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  • 1North American A resounding success.

    • ‘Dan was a whiz-bang at mechanical things’
    • ‘Velocity by Stanton Welch is, as its title suggests, a whiz-bang of ensemble dancing, with meaty group sections for the men that fill the stage with a sizzling kinetic power.’
    • ‘While the programmes chronicle real-life Irish incidents, their producers are clearly besotted with the whizz-bang of American television's hottest slice of hokum.’
  • 2(especially during World War I) a small-caliber high-velocity shell.

    • ‘My own closest call came when we were going over open ground when a whizz-bang burst behind me.’


informal North American
  • Lively or sensational; fast-paced.

    • ‘a whiz-bang publicity campaign’
    • ‘Long-Term Capital's whiz-bang managers didn't invest in factories, research and development, home building, or anything else productive.’
    • ‘I was neutral until I saw the trailer, and whizz-bang stuff aside, I actually winced at some of the dialogue.’
    • ‘It is easy, she says, for the basics to get lost among petty controversies and whizz-bang advertising.’
    • ‘It comes back to selling, trading, being fair and all the things that encourage people to buy - it's not just about some whiz-bang gadget.’
    • ‘They're not perfect: sometimes we neglect end users' needs, or we lean too hard on whiz-bang technology, and, sure, many of us are first-time cartographers.’
    • ‘He stalks me with his whizz-bang new digital camera.’
    • ‘The Quebec film and video industry is celebrating itself with a whiz-bang, 10-day retrospective from February 15-25.’
    • ‘Shaggy's master received a glossy brochure to a whiz-bang two-day seminar in Melbourne.’
    • ‘Jobson's self-quilled script opens and closes with an oh-so-serious soliloquy, read against a montage of the solar system, along with a CGI whizz-bang ride across the planets.’
    • ‘The Home Office whizz-bang new computer system 2 or so years back was a notable fiasco.’
    • ‘You may not need a maven's grasp of the latest whiz-bang application, but you definitely want to know about technologies that will make your business more competitive.’
    • ‘However headline-grabbing it may have been, the debate around organised crime and politics in Bulgaria goes much further and deeper than the Kostov whiz-bang episode.’
    • ‘Bruckheimer and Fuqua seemingly equate the term ‘authentic’ with a lack of whiz-bang, Lord of the Rings style magic tricks.’
    • ‘Minimize the moving, flashing this or that or the latest whiz-bang script.’
    • ‘People have lost the ability to pay attention, and all films that aren't whiz-bang, Bruckheimer action fests are criticized as too slow.’
    • ‘A lame script and horrible comic acting from lead Brendan Fraser speak louder than all of Selick's whiz-bang animations.’
    • ‘SOG's PowerLock mostly does the same things other whiz-bang schizo-tools do - it just does'em better, and with compound-leverage power.’
    • ‘And I sure as hell ain't cheering for yet another whiz-bang computer nerd whose whole job is to magically fill in plot holes the scriptwriters couldn't figure out.’
    • ‘Mumbling ‘speech’ was fine on the N64, but on the Xbox, with all its features and whiz-bang technology, is capable of a lot more.’
    • ‘Dell argues that while the company hasn't created whiz-bang inventions, it has produced cheap computers for buyers and huge returns for shareholders.’
    overdramatized, dramatic, melodramatic, exaggerated, overripe, sensationalist, sensationalistic, graphic, explicit, unrestrained, lurid