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  • Used instead of “who” as the object of a verb or preposition.

    interrogative pronoun ‘whom did he marry?’
    • ‘her mother, in whom she confided, said it wasn't easy for her’
    • ‘You are never quite sure which actor is sitting where, or which voice belongs to whom.’
    • ‘This will be a comfort to Cameron, over whom Vogts had appeared to blow hot and cold.’
    • ‘The poor reader must be as confused as Media Watch about who has done what to whom.’
    • ‘Passively loved by the rich, he had a playboy father to whom he dedicates this book.’
    • ‘The congenial old All Black to whom he had been chatting was suddenly a different man.’
    • ‘Your victim could be the workmate with whom you shared a sandwich from your lunchbox.’
    • ‘To my left was a battered pair, both of whom had dark rings under their eyes and swollen faces.’
    • ‘I am now with a lady of whom I am fond, but not in love, and I find it harder to respond to her.’
    • ‘The couple have two sons, one of whom lives with them while the other is in Somerset.’
    • ‘The team also spoke to people in the West End Bar, some of whom were there the week before.’
    • ‘So many people to say hello to, none of whom you really notice when you work there every time.’
    • ‘Perhaps he tried it out on a few friends, who showed it to their friends, one of whom took a copy.’
    • ‘She has come with two friends, one of whom is carrying her dinner in a cardboard box.’
    • ‘That is not a solution available to most people for whom email has become a necessity.’
    • ‘Both explore who said what to whom, or who made up what and why, in the run-up to the war.’
    • ‘It has yet to make up its mind as to whom to talk, what to talk and how to move in this matter.’
    • ‘She said other businesses to whom she had spoken were willing to take the same action.’
    • ‘People will now vote for whom they are told, forced to vote by people who have a hold over them.’
    • ‘Only three people are still living at the hostel, one of whom is said to have a firm offer of a new home.’
    • ‘Each poster featured three women laughing, one of whom had a glass of wine in her hand.’



/ho͞om/ /hum/


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