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wide open

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  • 1Fully open.

    ‘the door was wide open’
    • ‘The wallet of the eventual buyer will also have to fall wide open.’
    • ‘Above, the ancient door of massive timber in good preservation, being wide open, I walked in.’
    • ‘The way he seemed to be squinting with his eyes wide open.’
    • ‘Many golfers with directional problems contact the ball with the clubface wide open.’
    • ‘Devan was entering the military with her eyes wide open.’
    • ‘American paddlefish can often be seen swimming around with their very large mouths wide open.’
    • ‘The entire Phelps family returned from church services that morning to find the doors of their house standing wide open.’
    • ‘At first he cannot move, his eyes are wide open.’
    • ‘I stared at my sister, eyes wide open.’
    • ‘Victoria stared at her mother with her jaw wide open.’
  • 2Vulnerable, especially to attack.

    ‘the system is wide open to fraud’
    • ‘Once it does, his body is left wide open for an attack.’
    • ‘Once again the national media were operating off the philosophy that if a person has been involved in controversy they are wide open for attack.’
    • ‘This left my stomach and chest wide open for attack, and he lunged forward.’
    • ‘She held her arms out to her sides, leaving her torso wide open for attack.’
    • ‘A court-appointed expert found the electronic systems wide open to tampering by hackers.’
    • ‘As with so many issues, this leaves them wide open to manipulation by those who have their own agenda to push.’
    • ‘But complementary therapies throw themselves wide open to criticism from the more conservative elements of the medical profession by making huge claims.’
    • ‘The figures are wide open to abuse and manipulation through the use of financial engineering techniques including reinsurance, future profits and contingent loans.’
    • ‘Publishing would leave me wide open to credible allegations that I was motivated by revenge, thus impugning my professional integrity.’
    • ‘It is a particularly sensitive time for advertising, an industry so inherently trivial that it is wide open to accusations of insensitivity and crassness.’
  • 3(of an issue or a contest) completely unresolved or unpredictable.

    ‘the election is wide open with six candidates in serious contention for the seats’
    • ‘After recent years where one or two teams have dominated the league, it is welcoming to see a genuine three horse title race, and the surprise results that have blown the contest wide open.’
    • ‘The straw poll of parliamentary party members last week showed no clear winner emerging leaving the contest wide open.’
    • ‘The contest was wide open at the break, but the Borderers made full use of the wind in the second half to eventually seal a deserved win.’
    • ‘In a wide open contest it may pay to invest an each way wager on the Donnie Hasset trained Peace Leader.’
    • ‘The third race on day one is the Smurfit Champion Hurdle which is a wide open contest this year.’
    • ‘Boanerges has good prospects of getting back on top tomorrow and is awarded the nap vote in a wide open contest.’
    • ‘This contest is now wide open and there is a great deal at stake!’
    • ‘So the future is very wide open I think in terms of outcomes for this presidency.’
    • ‘The race seems wide open, with a whole host of possible outcomes.’
    • ‘With Andrew gone, the game is now wide open for any of the remaining three contestants to win the €100,000 prize.’


wide open

/ˌwīd ˈōp(ə)n/ /ˌwaɪd ˈoʊp(ə)n/