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  • Found or distributed over a large area or number of people.

    ‘there was widespread support for the war’
    • ‘He is sure to garner widespread support from across all sections of club rugby.’
    • ‘Unions have formed an action group to fight the proposals and claim widespread support.’
    • ‘What all these countries have in common is widespread unemployment and illiteracy.’
    • ‘It is understandable that this method of prevention has not been met with widespread support.’
    • ‘To resist and confront such a popular workforce would risk widespread loss of support.’
    • ‘The news of widespread rain in the region may bring some cheer to the grim faces of farmers.’
    • ‘The government decision to back out has also been met with widespread criticism by civic chiefs.’
    • ‘There has also been widespread concern about pollution and noise during the summer months.’
    • ‘The significance has grown as the operation of mobile phones has become ever more widespread.’
    • ‘In its mad rush to try to increase turnout, the Government has opened the door to widespread fraud.’
    • ‘The next most serious and widespread health risk to humans comes from salmonella in pigs.’
    • ‘It is now also accepted that widespread reform of the commission must take place.’
    • ‘On both sides, there is widespread agreement as to the nature of the eventual peace deal.’
    • ‘The fact that this reaction was so widespread indicates the depths of our disbelief.’
    • ‘It is about time the council dealt with this widespread contamination once and for all.’
    • ‘There is a widespread belief that the government should do more to encourage saving.’
    • ‘Apathy was so widespread that we had to cut the number of polling stations there.’
    • ‘The case was the first of its kind recorded in the world and prompted widespread concern.’
    • ‘The most widespread form of discrimination in our country today is on the grounds of age.’
    • ‘To paint now is an act of resistance which answers a widespread need and may instigate hope.’
    general, extensive, universal, common, global, worldwide, international, omnipresent, ubiquitous, wholesale, all-embracing, all-inclusive, all-round, across the board, far-reaching, predominant, prevalent, rife, broad, blanket, sweeping, rampant, catholic, inescapable, pervading, pervasive, permeating, epidemic
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/ˈwīdˌspred/ /ˈwaɪdˌsprɛd/