Definition of widow's weeds in English:

widow's weeds

plural noun

  • Black clothes worn by a widow in mourning.

    ‘Francesca Hanley not dressed in widow's weeds, and her poor husband not even dead three months!’
    • ‘For you, the nagapada necklace; for me, widow's weeds.’
    • ‘But then, across a crowded room, he sees Claire de Cintré, a pale moon in widow's weeds whose first marriage was so dreadful that she can't bear to be touched.’
    • ‘His skin had turned yellow and he knew he was dying and that soon his wife, Myra, would once again be wearing her widow's weeds and that his children and grandchildren would be praying for his soul to be saved.’
    • ‘They have to exist on charity and no Indian street scene is complete without a woman in white widow's weeds begging for herself and her family.’
    black clothes, black


Early 18th century (earlier as mourning weeds): weeds (obsolete in the general sense ‘garments’) is from Old English wǣd(e), of Germanic origin.