Definition of wieldy in English:


adjectiveadjective wieldier, adjective wieldiest

  • Easily controlled or handled.

    ‘the beefy Bentley is far from wieldy’
    • ‘Yet each step brought not the institutionalisation of these people's forms but the cementing of minority representative forms on the pretext that such minority representative structures are much more wieldy and more manageable.’
    • ‘But now the whole poetic achievement - Eliot's journey from chaos to a clenched, intense Christianity - is available in a slightly more wieldy form.’
    • ‘It is a wieldy document but considering the sheer quantity of material covered, maintains an admirable level of coherence in an objective, clear and concise manner.’
    • ‘They are heavier, less wieldy and, in spite of the ads, only remotely car-like in their driving characteristics.’
    • ‘The steering is light and wieldy for parking, and the turning circle must be nearly as tight as a black cab's.’
    user-friendly, easy to use, handy



/ˈwēldē/ /ˈwildi/


Late Middle English from wield, later a back-formation from unwieldy.