Definition of wiggler in English:



  • 1A person or thing that wiggles or causes something to wiggle.

    • ‘It's this number that Marilyn does and she wasn't much of a dancer, she's just a wiggler.’
    1. 1.1Physics A magnet designed to make a beam of particles in an accelerator follow a sinusoidal path, in order to increase the amount of radiation they produce.
      ‘The wiggler converts the electron beam power into laser light.’
      • ‘As electrons used to create the laser beam are steered from the linear accelerator around a curve to a wiggler where the laser beam is produced, the electrons give off t-rays.’
      • ‘He has consulted at most of the storage ring projects around the world, many of which have installed Halbach design undulators and wigglers.’
      • ‘In addition to steering and focusing magnets, the storage ring also contains undulator and wiggler magnets - collectively called insertion devices.’
      • ‘The advent of the third-generation synchrotron radiation facilities, featured by insertion devices such as undulators and wigglers, is fundamentally changing this situation.’
      lodestone, magnetite
    2. 1.2US dialect An earthworm.
      • ‘Okay, here goes,’ he says, swallowing an inch-long wiggler.’
    3. 1.3US informal A mosquito larva.
      • ‘As summer advances, the proportion of feathers in the gumbo increases, and so does the flotsam of shed skins of mosquito wigglers and dragonflies and frogs, and the floating corpses of minnows, tadpoles, and crabs.’
      • ‘Larvae, also known as wigglers, are tiny, pale and move very fast on the surface of water, says May.’



/ˈwiɡ(ə)lər/ /ˈwɪɡ(ə)lər/