Definition of wild in English:


Pronunciation /wīld/ /waɪld/

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  • 1(of an animal or plant) living or growing in the natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated.

    ‘a herd of wild goats’
    • ‘wild strawberries’
    untamed, undomesticated, feral
    uncultivated, natural
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    1. 1.1Produced from wild animals or plants without cultivation.
      • ‘wild honey’
  • 2(of a place or region) uninhabited, uncultivated, or inhospitable.

    ‘an expanse of wild moorland’
    • ‘the wild coastline of Cape Wrath’
    uninhabited, unpopulated, uncultivated, unfarmed, unmanaged, virgin
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    1. 2.1(of sea or the weather) rough and stormy.
      • ‘a wild, bitterly cold night’
      stormy, squally, tempestuous, turbulent, blustery, windy, howling, raging, roaring, furious, violent
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    2. 2.2(of people) not civilized; primitive.
      • ‘the wild tribes from the north’
      primitive, uncivilized, uncultured, uncultivated, uneducated, ignorant
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    3. 2.3(of a look, appearance, etc.) indicating distraction or strong emotion.
      • ‘her wild eyes were darting back and forth’
  • 3Lacking discipline or restraint.

    • ‘wild parties were never her scene’
    uncontrolled, unrestrained, out of control, undisciplined, unconstrained, uncurbed, unbridled, unchecked, chaotic
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    1. 3.1informal Very enthusiastic or excited.
      • ‘I'm not wild about the music’
      very excited, jumping up and down, on fire, delirious, in a frenzy, frantic
      very keen on, very enthusiastic about, passionate about, enamoured of, infatuated with, smitten with
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    2. 3.2informal Very angry.
      furious, very angry, infuriated, incensed, enraged, beside oneself, irate, fuming, in a rage, raging, seething, maddened, exasperated
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  • 4Not based on sound reasoning or probability.

    ‘a wild guess’
    • ‘wild rumors were circulating’
    • ‘performing in Hollywood was beyond my wildest dreams’
    • ‘who, even in their wildest dreams, could have anticipated such a victory?’
    madcap, ridiculous, ludicrous, foolish, stupid, lunatic, foolhardy, idiotic, absurd, silly, asinine, unwise, ill-advised, ill-considered, ill-conceived, illogical, senseless, nonsensical
    random, arbitrary, hit-or-miss, haphazard, uninformed
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  • 5(of a playing card) deemed to have any value, suit, color, or other property in a game at the discretion of the player holding it.

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the wild
  • 1A natural state or uncultivated or uninhabited region.

    • ‘kiwis are virtually extinct in the wild’
    1. 1.1the wildsA remote uninhabited or sparsely inhabited area.
      • ‘he spent a year in the wilds of Canada’
      remote areas, wilderness
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transitive verb

[with object]West Indian
  • Treat (a person or animal) harshly, so that they become untrusting or nervous.

    • ‘let your pigeon fly for a while: we don't want to wild him’


    wild horses wouldn't ——
    • Used to convey that nothing could persuade or force one to do something.

      • ‘wild horses wouldn't have kept me away’
    wild and woolly
    • Uncouth in appearance or behavior.

      ‘the Australian outlaw's wild and woolly look’
      • ‘he might have been a gunman in his wild and woolly youth’
    run wild
    • Grow or develop without restraint or discipline.

      ‘these horses have been running wild since they were born’
      • ‘her imagination had run wild’


Old English wilde, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German wild.