Definition of wild ginger in English:

wild ginger


  • A North American plant with large heart-shaped leaves and hairy leafstalks. Its aromatic root is used as a ginger substitute.

    Asarum canadense, family Aristolochiaceae

    ‘In the first year Manning planted sixteen boxcar loads of rhododendron, mountain laurel, wild ginger, and ferns, all dug from the mountains of Virginia.’
    • ‘Uterine-stimulating herbs, such as black cohosh, blue cohosh, achyranthes root, goldenseal, motherwort, wild ginger, and red raspberry leaf, have been used to induce labor.’
    • ‘Hellebore foliage combines well with other shade-loving perennials like wild ginger, cyclamen or Pulmonaria, as well as with bulbs such as snowdrops or miniature daffodils.’
    • ‘The wildflowers, many of which bloom in May, include waterleaf, wild ginger, red trillium, Jack-in-the-pulpit, smooth and woolly blue violet, Solomon's seal, false Solomon's seal, and enchanter's nightshade.’
    • ‘The concoction is made from boiling certain plants and roots found around his home, ranging from wild ginger, turmeric, to salam leaf and cloves.’


wild ginger

/wīld ˈjinjər/ /waɪld ˈdʒɪndʒər/