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often with infinitive
  • 1Ready, eager, or prepared to do something.

    ‘he was quite willing to compromise’
    • ‘A permanent ceasefire and peace will come through a political solution for which all sides should be ready and willing to compromise.’
    • ‘At Imprint, what we require of volunteers is to be enthusiastic, eager and willing to learn.’
    • ‘He's eager and willing to please and follows my instructions without a fault.’
    • ‘A lady of kind and gentle disposition, she was always ready and willing to lend help and encouragement and was a top class neighbour and friend.’
    • ‘Now she has a corps of enthusiastic volunteers, ready, willing and able to take on other people's crises.’
    • ‘The American People are ready, willing, and able to mount - and succeed in - a mission to Mars.’
    • ‘Neither is ready or willing to be put out to grass and they are hardly candidates for the sporting knacker's yard, a fact that Paterson readily concedes himself.’
    • ‘Yesterday the manager was quoted as saying he was ready and willing to sign the new deal, but after the intervention of the Irishmen that agreement must now surely be on hold.’
    • ‘After a week of not going to the gym or doing much of anything active except for a few good bike rides, I was ready and willing to run down to the gym and resume the program today.’
    • ‘And we're ready, willing and able to assist someone they believe to be involved in pretty bad stuff.’
    • ‘One thing Witmer tries to emphasize to students is she is ready and willing to communicate with students about issues important to them.’
    • ‘He was ready and willing to walk away from the city and put the fight on another month and in another city but executives at Madison Square Garden convinced him to stay in town.’
    • ‘I'm afraid I don't live in a society where everybody is ready, willing and able to go to University, if only the funding package were right.’
    • ‘Marie maintains a list of people ready and willing to fill positions and as an extra bonus to employers there are wage subsidies available.’
    • ‘Instead we should focus our concerns on the industries only too ready, willing and able to take advantage of tweenagers' naive consumerism.’
    • ‘I also hope to have sponsor forms for my trek to Canada ready, so any willing volunteers can hassle their workmates, friends and family to help me.’
    • ‘But he is always ready and willing to help others with a smile.’
    • ‘I didn't want to play myself, but I didn't mind that others were eager and willing.’
    • ‘A man of deep faith, he helped out in many of the church undertakings and was always ready and willing to support such ventures.’
    • ‘Like any wise leader he was aware that his own success would have been nothing had his men not been willing, even eager, to follow him.’
    ready, prepared, disposed, inclined, nothing loath, of a mind, so minded, minded, in the mood
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    1. 1.1Given or done readily.
      ‘willing and prompt obedience’
      • ‘What is required of God's people is a willing obedience to be led through an incredible series of events.’
      • ‘You will readily obtain good advice, timely encouragement and willing support from your allies.’
      readily given, gladly given, willingly given, promptly given, ungrudging
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/ˈwiliNG/ /ˈwɪlɪŋ/