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  • A device or mechanism used to wind something, especially something such as a watch or clock or the film in a camera.

    ‘the built-in winder is capable of three frames per second’
    • ‘a hose-winder’
    • ‘The ingenuity of the contraption was that a string was wound around the alarm winder and the other end tied to the bolt.’
    • ‘It amounts to a dark basement with shelving filled with film cans, reel-to-reel winders, thousands of press clippings and photos, stickers, flyers, and a tiny radio.’
    • ‘In the Moderator the spring-driven mechanism was set in motion by a key winder at the top of the lamp base, just below the burner, rather than at the bottom of the base, as in the Carcel lamp.’
    • ‘At the moment, he's working on a new line of watches, which include the ingenious innovation of using a click-on cover for the clock winder.’
    • ‘There is plenty to see above ground at Caphouse Colliery with retired pit ponies, machinery displays, a steam winder, pithead baths and a 17-acre rural site complete with nature trail and adventure playground plus picnic areas.’
    • ‘During the visit Mrs York showed Mrs Drown the adaptations she had made to her house including handrails, window winders and a walk-in shower.’
    • ‘After you have caught enough mackerel for the day, leave the feathers on the rod for a while to allow them to dry as much as possible, then wind them onto the ethafoam winder, complete with sinker and shove the lot into a heavy duty zip-lock bag.’
    • ‘The woven threads were wound on a device called a Niddy Noddy or more simply a yarn winder.’
    • ‘A pair of leather or fabric seats, a sports steering wheel and a couple of window winders is the extent of the standard specification.’
    • ‘The car she has just taken ownership of had manual window winders, not the fancy electric windows like the yellow car that was used in the demonstration.’
    • ‘We used to use a small hand-crank wire winder to roll up electric fence, but it was slow and tiring.’
    • ‘Another few minutes trying to fathom just how the window winders work (twist a bit, wait, window goes up a bit) and I was ready to hit the road.’
    • ‘I understand what my camera will do if I twist the dials, knobs and winders under certain conditions.’
    • ‘If you're going on a mainly pole venue you will generally need more shallow drawer space to store your winders.’
    • ‘I started looking for a good deal on a yarn winder because I realized yarn would be easier to use, organize and store if they were wound in nice little ‘cakes.’’
    • ‘Two or three seconds can seem an eternity when you're waiting but I'm trying to remind myself that winding a film camera on to the next exposure, even with an automatic winder, can take as long.’
    • ‘Why is my right hand so numb that I cannot get the winder into the slot without letting go of the mast with my left.’
    • ‘The Vauxhall's window winder left a two inch gap where the window meets the roof, quite enough to let plenty of water in; the grip on the handbrake came loose, and the lever for releasing the bonnet broke off.’



/ˈwīndər/ /ˈwaɪndər/