Definition of windhover in English:



dialect British
  • A kestrel.

    ‘Instead it is a favorite of morning, a little brown-grey falcon, called the windhover because, hurling itself headlong into the wind, it rides on the crest of that wind.’
    • ‘It has also been called grasshopper hawk, killy hawk, house hawk, rusty-crowned falcon, and windhover.’
    • ‘There is some question about the accuracy of these figures because it is possible that the windhovers migrate down to the lowlands in extreme winters.’
    • ‘It is the story of the land of Kirthanin, a land created by Allfather and populated by humans, great bear, dragons, and windhovers, all of whom are devoted to Allfather.’
    • ‘The windhovers do what Baroque art did: they use the sky as a metaphor and inspire sensation, awe and faith.’



/ˈwindˌhəvər/ /ˈwɪndˌhəvər/