Definition of window treatment in English:

window treatment


  • Interior decoration for a window or window frame.

    ‘The first part of the interior window treatment is the simple beaded keeper-fixed at the top and one side, removable on the second side.’
    • ‘What had once merely resembled a Buckingham Palace window treatment now, thanks to the hateful green straps and bow, looked like a botched department-store wrapping job.’
    • ‘Whatever is featured, as the center of interest - a fireplace, artwork or a window treatment framing a beautiful view - must be sufficiently emphasized so that everything else leads the eye toward the featured area.’
    • ‘For ‘New Instructions,’ every surface of the gallery space was covered with Simon's new products - from the window treatment to the floor covering.’
    • ‘Last week I'm teaching the boys how to tie a tourniquet, and he comes in screaming that the rags we're using - excuse me, the toile - were for some new window treatment in the lab.’
    • ‘For instance, if your suite and other furnishings conspire to create a more comfortable and traditional look, the starkness of the new window treatment will dominate the look and it will appear unfinished by comparison.’
    • ‘For instance, a window treatment might include mesh sheer panels with soft, pliable sheared duck draperies, and a scarf in a high-twist fabric.’
    • ‘For her own room, she's chosen a new cottage-style bed and bookcase, blue and yellow painted walls, and we're working on a window treatment.’
    • ‘Draperies can provide a complete window treatment, or they can be integrated as a design element when combined with other treatments.’
    • ‘Do you want a window treatment that is elegant and beautiful?’
    • ‘We redid the downstairs powder room and aside from the fact that it's still missing a corner shelf and a window treatment I think it's pretty much done.’
    • ‘A balloon shade is a soft, blousy window treatment that can add a decorative flair to any room.’
    • ‘Unlike other more dramatic window shapes, it is probably more important for standard windows to have some form of window treatment, as they do not have a lot of character of their own.’
    • ‘Finding the right window treatment ranks among the most daunting of decorating dilemmas.’
    • ‘Mostly gone are the days when the average citizen could get free water heater blankets or window treatments from her utility (sufficient citizen pressure could bring them back).’
    • ‘I swear, whoever did the window treatments in our house must have had a passion for the 80s.’
    • ‘So here's my chance to brighten the room with some color in these window treatments.’
    • ‘Like the majority of their neighbors, they seem perfectly willing to submit to pages of ordinances, codes, and bylaws governing everything from window treatments to the disposition of junk cars.’
    • ‘The first step is determining your color scheme by examining your existing furniture, window treatments, and other accessories (or shop for these items first).’
    • ‘We agonize over wall color, window treatments, and carpets and flooring, but the poor ceiling is overlooked - if it can be said you can overlook something that's directly overhead.’