Definition of windrow in English:



  • 1A long line of raked hay or sheaves of grain laid out to dry in the wind.

    ‘If you rake windrows to dry out any stems on the bottom, leaves are apt to crumble and fall away, leaving just sticks for hay.’
    • ‘The hay was belt-buckle high when rain let up, three days' sun baked stalks dry, and by midday all but the far pasture was mowed and raked into windrows.’
    • ‘Wind-rowed high-sugar corn forage had comparable nutritional quality indices to that of stockpiled high-sugar corn; however, cattle gains were reduced when corn forage was grazed in windrows.’
    • ‘All the hay had to be raked into windrows with hand rakes, and the women of the household had to take a hand.’
    • ‘Laborers raked it into windrows at the marshes' edges, shoveled it into wagons, and transported it to refining sites.’
    • ‘Allowing livestock to consume annual forage left in windrows has become a common method to reduce costs associated with harvesting, storing, and feeding forage.’
    • ‘Cut and crimp as bottom leaves begin to yellow, and don't turn windrows before harvest.’
    • ‘You may need to damage plants by driving on them to turn hay to speed drying and get sunlight to plants underneath; however, it may prevent the old windrows from ruining the rest of your haying year.’
    • ‘Vermicompost can also be made in windrows by placing fresh waste on one side of the row while harvesting from the other side.’
    • ‘To be worth the effort, the machine's design needed to answer all the shortcomings Moyer had identified in his survey of existing models: it had to be inexpensive, able to handle large windrows, and have plenty of power.’
    • ‘That's why you could see Johnson seated behind the wheel of an almond sweeper, gathering almonds into windrows, readying them for pick up by a harvester.’
    • ‘Sift through the litter where the windrows were, checking in and around crowns for larvae, pupae, and adult weevils.’
    • ‘The cutworms will hide in the ground near the plants or under windrows during the day.’
    • ‘Hay waiting to be baled may have to remain in the windrow for a week and can virtually be ruined for feeding to heavy milking cows, if rained on.’
    • ‘This is then stacked into windrows or movable racks under a roofed area, and the piles are periodically aerated.’
    • ‘The common machine available is the rotary tedder and while it does a good job at spreading the grass it tends to leave lumpy narrow windrows for baling which are not favoured by contractors.’
    • ‘The advanced electronics provide all the features you need for bale monitoring allowing you to focus on the windrow without constantly turning round to monitor bale formation.’
    • ‘Occasionally you must stop to hone the blade and look behind to admire the precision of the windrow that's formed.’
    • ‘In the field where the canning factory sprays its waste water, the grass was cut into windrows yesterday.’
    • ‘The tall grass is being cut into windrows in the field where the canning company sprays its waste water.’
    1. 1.1North American A long line of material heaped up by the wind or by a machine.
      ‘the surface of the water was streaked with windrows of scud’
      • ‘On a single occasion in 1949, for example, a windrow of unidentifiable algal material was recorded on the shore.’
      • ‘The graders ripped the existing road and gathered all available material into two windrows, then spread and graded behind the mobile crusher as it progressed down the road.’
      • ‘The heaps, known as windrows, bring down the temperature of the garbage and prevent leaching too, Ms. Patel says.’
      • ‘The compost is stacked in huge heaps or windrows, which are turned once a week.’
      • ‘Rather than cut and stack the junipers for eventual burning, Davies has his crew skid the trees into large, circular windrows that act as cattle exclosures for pastures that need rest or recovery.’
      • ‘He uses excavators to feed the grinders, drawing from material piled up or raked into windrows by the land-clearing contractor.’
      • ‘The manufacturer says its dual-blade configuration eliminates potholes, ruts, and washboarding without leaving windrows or pushing aggregate out of the roadway.’
      • ‘An optional tail-grading feature adds to grading capacity by leveling out windrows left by the circle-mounted blade, thereby eliminating a second pass.’
      • ‘He and his son, James, mechanically sweep the ripe nuts that have fallen to the orchard floor into windrows.’



/ˈwindrō/ /ˈwɪndroʊ/